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Vacation Brain

It’s so hard to concentrate on anything during the week before I leave for a vacation.  John and I call it “vacation brain.”  Thoughts of vacation permeate all day long, and productivity screeches to a halt.  I remember when I was working my last 9-5, my boss actually called me on it.  I was taking a seriously long time to draft a letter that would normally take me 15 mins max.  He just came out, shook his head and said “you’re already gone, huh.”  He was totally right.

I keep puttering around, creating foolishness to do to occupy my mind, making lists, checking and rechecking my suitcase….
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it’s so unhealthy.  But…I love it.  I love the countdown, the daydreaming of what we’ll do, see, eat, try, I love the beauty preparations of my hair, nails, brows etc.  It’s all a part of the vacation experience to me.  Each vacation, I tell myself I’m not going to go crazy and buy more stuff….and each vacation, I fail miserably.  I raided victorias secret’s semi annual sale for bikinis, and marshalls for cheap vacay clothes.  I don’t feel guilty at all 🙂

And a happy bonus.  I convinced John that we need to go back to Mexico to catch whale shark season, and he agreed….
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so we’re returning in August!!  WAHOOO!!!  I think I’m going to have vacation brain for the whole summer!

Vacay pics to come after we return!!

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