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Mind Right Monday: 2014 Focus Forleo Edition


Today’s Mind Right Monday is a bit different. No goals or gratefuls, but lots of…um… right mindness! 🙂

I was inspired by my boo (well, she’s my boo in my head at least) Marie Forleo and her boo Danielle LaPorte, who…as I’ve recently found out…is the shizz.

I love planning. I love to do lists, setting goals, and dreaming up ideas. I get such satisfaction from crossing them off the list when I’m done.

So of course I sat down and wrote a big ol’ list of goals and to dos for 2014. My list is chock full of things to achieve, achieve, achieve, do, do, do…..write this, do school, launch that, read this…blablabla… And I felt GREAT about it.  It really did inspire me. I was excited about all that would get done in 2014.

Then I watched this:

And my world got flip turned upside down. *wink*


Before I even continue. Do you have those times when the Universe (or God or whoever you prefer) is speaking to you…shouting at you, even, and you just don’t realize it until it (he, she) has to completely slap you across your face with the message?

Well, remember those huge ‘achievey, doey’ goals I wrote up for 2014….

For some reason, after I wrote them the first time, Rohan got to my computer and completely erased them, and replaced the text with things like “lskdfja;oweih92” and I wanted to scream.

I wrote them again, and it wasn’t as “perfect” as my first draft, but they still felt good and achievey and doey. And guess what happened….he got to them again. And…then…AGAIN!

Three freakin’ times this little tornado toddler jacked up my goals list file. Three times, I didn’t realize that he was doing me a favor. Three times I wanted to punt him out the window for “making me” have to do extra work.

Then I got my “slap” from the universe when I saw the video posted above. That big, long, achievey, doey list was NOT my goal list for 2014. Not even close!!

After watching the vid I’ve changed my 2014 plans to FEEL and LIVE IN the following:
  1. Love
  2. Appreciation
  3. Productivity

These mean different things for different folks, so for me:

Love =

I want to feel loved, and will view things as being a gift of love toward me (even things like John emptying the dishwasher). And I want to be love and show love to others in various helpy ways.  I’ll also note the love around, not directed at me, just existing all around in this great big world. Keeping a love-focused head and heart for 2014 (…and beyond)

Appreciation =

I’m all about the gratitude (you already know), but I want to also feel appreciatED, and will look for signs of that and treasure every “thank you” I receive from clients and anyone else. I  will also show appreciation for others more than I currently do. Letting others know how thankful I am for them, but also appreciating things/circumstances and spreading the appreciation virus (a good virus lol) as far as I can.

Productivity =

Hey, let’s be practical. All my achievey stuff still has to get done, right? I want to feel productive and like my projects are moving forward. Though the physical crossing things off the list won’t be the goal. The real goal is that feeling of ‘yay Dan!’ that I’ll get. And I’ll allow myself to simmer in that “yay” intead of just crossing off and moving on to the next. And even better, my biz is basically all about productivity. Most clients want me to help them with their productivity and keep them headed in the right direction so I’ll be immersed in the feeling of productivity on all sides!

So there it is, my 2014 is Love, Appreciation and Productivity. What is your focus for 2014? Have you gotten started thinking about that yet?

Are you hip to Marie Forleo or Danielle LaPorte?

Check out Danielle’s books:

(aff. links to amazon)

Umm… if you wanna get me something for Xmas….#justsayin’ 😉

OK. Your turn…..

What do you want to FEEL in 2014?

What will be guiding you?


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Tuesday 17th of December 2013

I have alot of plans for 2014. Alot of them are for my blog,Mommy In Color. it'd grown alot since I,started it over a year ago and I'm hoping to broaden it in the next year. I will be gudied by the spirit of my mother who passed away in September. As her only daughter, she had big hopes for me and I plan on following my dreams because she didnt. I want that cycle to break for the sake if my daughter,too. good luck to everyone and their plans for 2014!

Dani Faust

Thursday 2nd of January 2014

Jennice you're already breaking the cycle and will be an awesome role model and inspiration to your daughter. Your mom is gunna be EXTRA proud up there.

Rashida Thompson

Monday 16th of December 2013

I've started writing down some things but I still have a lot to flesh out. BUT I have decided that my theme for 2014 will be GROWTH. 2013 was one of discovery so it's time to be deliberate about making progress in a few areas of my life!

Dani Faust

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Growth. Love it. I'm excited for you Rashida!

Rose's Daughter

Monday 16th of December 2013

I've been trying to figure out and get down my goals for next year on paper for about 2 weeks now. I'm all over the place! I need to take time soon to do it. I'm hoping Wednesday!

Dani Faust

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Git her dun! What do you think your focus will be for the year?

Joyce Brewer

Monday 16th of December 2013

One of my business coaches like Marie Forleo and I've seen some of her Facebook posts. The end of 2013 is getting so overwhelming I've got to make plans for 2014. Otherwise, I'm destined to make some of the same mistakes I did this year.

Dani Faust

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Would you mind sharing your business coach with me? Getting one is on my goal list for 2014. Get planning girlie, I know you won't be repeating 2013s mistakes! You're far too driven :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.