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Intuitive Readings

In 2017 I “came out” about my psychic abilities and in 2018 began offering them as a service to women looking for clarity, guidance, upleveling and peace.

Since then I have added other metaphysical practices to my repertoire besides psychic readings. I do energy clearings/healings, chakra balancing, reiki and crystal therapy.

If you’re curious about a session, watch this: (note: it’s old!)

If you have questions that need intuitive guidance I am here to help! Seriously, it is my deepest pleasure working with spirit on your behalf.

Current Offerings:

3-Card Pull – $45

This reading is short and sweet and not live on video. After you book I do your pull and send you voice notes and the card images via Facebook or Instagram private messages. It’s an easy way to get a quick general reading.

15-Minute or 30-Minute Intuitive Readings $55 / $100

These are done live via video chat and include a full card spread. On this reading you can ask all the questions you want and get answers immediately as well as a forecast from the card spread. If you choose a 15 minute call be sure to have your questions ready, it goes by quickly.

Topics covered include love, family transitions, career, manifesting, personal growth, money, home-life, kids, health, and decision-making around any area. So you can feel free to ask questions about ANY and EVERYthing. Spirit always has your back.

60-Minute Hybrid Reading + Coaching Call $350

This is a combo of a 30-minute reading as described above, with a 30-minute coaching session on the tail end. With this we can really dig into what comes up from your spirit guides and the card spread. I give you guidance and techniques to make the most of your message and move forward in a better space.

In Person Reiki Session – (I come to you in Palm Beach County FL: $225) or Distance Reiki – $175

This is an energy healing modality that uses live force energy where it is needed most to help you with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. You may or may not feel anything, but should notice a shift shortly after. As the psychic guidance comes in during the session I let you know right away what your guides need you to know.

In Person Reiki – Currently on Hold due to Covid restrictions

Chakra Balancing / Energy Clearing – Distance: $175 – In Person: $225

This energetic service helps you in myriad ways. You’ll notice a shift immediately in your energy, mood, manifesting abilities, and as the psychic guidance comes in during the session I let you know right away what your guides need you to know so you get a mini reading included. We clear/remove/dissolve cords, align and clear chakras and any energies hindering your natural energy flow.

Any questions?! Shoot me an email at dani @ okdani dot com!

Book via Calendly – HERE



What type of questions can I ask?

You can ask whatever you want. Being vague isn’t helpful so asking “Is the situation bothering me going to work out?” doesn’t work very well. But if you are clear and direct you can ask anything and spirit will answer.

What should I expect at my reading?

We hop on our video chat, I let you know what info came through from spirit for you beforehand (if any), and then you start to ask your questions if you have them prepared, then I shuffle and pull your card spread and let you know what comes through from them as well.

Can “bad” or “negative” energies come through?

Before each session I call in the highest, most pure love light, as well as your spirit guides and guardians to assist us. There is no space in my container for “bad” energy to permeate. The session is of love, by love and for love and your highest good only. “Insistent” spirits are asked to leave, and do.

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