The Best Music to Run To (+Giveaway!)

MM for Pinterest

The last time my brother visited our house, he thought something was really wrong. He didn't say anything the first day, but the second day he woke up and was like "Alright what's going on. Is everything OK?" I was like... ummmm...watchutalkinboutwillis? He went on to say this was the first time ...

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Well...I failed my personal Nablopomo goal of posting monday through friday for the whole month.  In lieu of an excuse, here's something cute to distract you: I'm still going to answer the prompts. Why? Well, why not?! Tuesday, November 17 What is one place you need to see to feel like your ...

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The Machine That Makes Anything


So, back in 2010 I actually invented two amazing pieces of technology. Ok...well, I pre-invented them. ::avoids eye contact:: You can take a look here. Those inventions will change your life!!! Today's #nablopomo prompt is about what you'd invent....if you knew how to invent stuff. Since ...

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Dani and Rohan’s Day Off #Nablopomo

backseat reader

Today's Nablopomo Prompt is: Describe your ideal day off. What would you do with your time? My real answer has something to do with....everyone shutting the hell up, wine, naps, peanut butter jelly and dorito sandwiches, long baths, a massage, binge-watching TV, an orgasm and some peace and ...

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Cheap Wordless Wednesday Post … #Nablopomo Tho!


Why is this post cheap, you ask? Because I have just a few minutes to get it posted today to stay true to my #Nablopomo challenge and I don't like the prompt: "What is the last thing you built or fixed?" Ummm... I don't build or fix. ::shrug:: (Unless the "dragon style fire truck monster truck" ...

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