Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Again I’m borrowing K. Elizabeth’s Thankful Thursday theme….since there is just SO *bleepin* MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!


happy easter

Happy Easter! 

I’m thankful for this upcoming weekend that I’ll be at my parents’ house. It’ll be nice to have my mom’s help with the kids and nicer to have some delicious Jamaican food on Easter! Last Easter my mom was in Florida so I went over to hang with my dad and brother. I had to cook (boo.) but we had a great time and lots of laughs. This year I’m sure will be just as fun/laugh filled, but with an additional family member and a yummy meal that I don’t have to make :)


I’m thankful that I don’t really have to leave the house, when NYC area weather is doing craziness like this:

ny weather

Seriously it was 80, and super warm and sunny, we were out in the backyard, John lost his mind and tried to turn on the AC. Windows were open, birds were chirpin….and then all of a sudden it’s in the 20s and it’s snowing.  WHY?  I don’t know. But I’m thankful that I don’t have to go out and deal with mother nature’s moodiness if I don’t want to!


Despite the cray cray weather I’m thankful for the summer approaching. The year is flying by, but I hope the summertime goes niiiice and sloooowww. I’m thankful for all the summertime fun like grilling in the backyard, and my summer travel to conferences and Florida.  Thankful for the warmth that is coming our way. You will not find me complaining about the heat or humidity…that’s for sure!



Real Quick: I’m thankful for my awesome children, the beachbody business going really well and having more income, feeling more “normal” each day and healing up well after Kaya’s birth, the health of my family and friends, chase bank not letting people commit fraud on my account lol, water, children’s books and, the internet at large, e-nypl (new york public library online), and the game of thrones.


What are you thankful for today?

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Pacifier Bandit Edition

pacifier thief


He hated the paci when he was a baby, but he’s stealing hers. Why did he pile blankets on her? To hide her perhaps?


…..this is my life.

Rohan Meets Kaya

Roey holds kaya

When Rohan first met Kaya, he was just released from a 1.5 hour car ride, and was at home for the first time in 4 days. He was a wild man. Running here and there, shreiking, pointing at and labeling everything in sight, screaming everyone’s name and hugging everyone.

Except me.

Except the lady holding the baby.

I cried.

My mom guided him over and was like Rohan here’s Kaya, this is your sister. He said: Whoa! Cool! And commenced running, shrieking, pointing and labeling.

I was disappointed.

Later on, when he’d settled in and calmed down to his normal self. He came to me and gave hugs and was all mama mama mama again. He took some long looks at Kaya but didn’t say much or try to touch her. We encouraged him to touch her hand gently, but he wanted no part of it.

When I was changing her, he came over and watched, still silent. But just nodding slowly. This is odd because normally he’s asking questions about everything, touching everything and opening everything. But he just watched tentatively not moving besides nodding.

ro and kai


On the second day, he was a little braver. He touched her hand (stole her mitten) and gave her kisses before his nap and before bed. He raced over when she cried, and he calls out for her and waves “hiiiii” in her face. I think he wonders why she doesn’t respond.

Since then he’s been great about her. I have to remind him to be gentle, and watch like a hawk if she’s in her rocker while he’s tornado-ing around the living room. He hears her first when she wakes up, and screams “KAYA FUSSING!” and bounds down the hall and waits for me to catch up. He loves helping, and will get her items for changes, and blankets and whatnot. He loves giving her kisses and hugs and is brazenly touching her, reading to her and showing off his coloring pages to her. lol.


Roey Kisses Kaya

HOWEVER…. In general, his behavior has started deteriorating. He’s tantrumming more than ever, and I’m not sure if it’s because of “terrible two” toddlerness, or if it’s Kaya related. Maybe a bit of both. ::shrug::  He’s gotten a few time outs, and boy does he hate that.  Luckily, threatening time outs gets his behavior back on track…usually. (He’s lucky he hasn’t gotten punched in the face yet.)

Overall He’s a great big brother, and loves when we praise him for being one. He’s dealing with a bit of jealousy but he’s such a resilient lil trooper that he’s handling it in stride. Giving him special one on one Roey/Mommy time helps. But, I can’t wait until they can play together.

Any ideas on how to keep making big bro feel extra special?

Almost Wordless Wednesday

If we’re friends on facebook or instagram you’ve seen this already.

My new normal. Rocking my 3 children to sleep (yes, Elmo counts) while my house lays in a shambles…


And if we’re not friends on facebook, then we should be. Add a sista! And while you’re at it, add my new page :)

We Really Do Not Need Stretch Marks


Dear Universe: We don’t need stretch marks! Stop giving them to us dammit! Sincerely, Striped Mothers Everywhere


My stretch marks make my belly look seriously fugly.

I know some women don’t care, or want to view their stretch marks as “battle scars” and say they “earned them” etc.



Not for me.

I wish they weren’t there.

After Rohan there were some, and I didn’t mind them one bit!

Now after Kaya there are a million evil, jagged, zig zaggy devil stripes all around my middle and I can’t stand them.

I read a post on Blogher bashing women who said their stretch marks ruined their stomachs, and that their baby ruined their body etc.

The post was going in on these women, as if they were not allowed to feel this way simply because the scars were caused by a baby.

How I feel about my marks has nothing to do with how I feel about my babies.


Don’t even know how that flawed logic came about….

Yes, the human body is miraculous. Yes growing a person inside you and then popping them out to live among us is the most awe inspiring, amazing, affirming things…. ever.

But you know what would be even more amazing?

More miraculous?

If the human body could do all that magical stuff…. and….. not leave stretch marks behind.


I mean, why not?

If our bodies are capable of this level of magic, why not just sprinkle a lil extra magic in and have zero stretch marks or extra fat deposits?

We don’t need any “proof” of pregnancy left behind. We have the child for that.

You know what?

I’m gunna leave this very important post in God’s suggestion box just in case he gets around to it….maybe after ending world hunger.

Women of the future will thank me, I’m sure.

jesus fix it

::stalks away hoitily::

What very important issue are you going to put in God’s suggestion box?

And did you do anything to lighten your stretch marks?

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