The Secret to Creating Balance In Your Life

secret to creating balance in your life

Motherhood. Family life. School. Relationships. Health and wellness. Home Maintenance. Marriage. Day job. Side Hustle. Night Job. Self Care. Volunteering. Hobbies. Free time. Travel. PTA. Church. Weddings. Funerals. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Appointments out the wazzoo. And....everything else in ...

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Pollo Tropical Balsamic Tomato Salad

all mixed together

You know who's not getting any more of my coins? Pollo Tropical. Yep. I don't need them anymore. I can pull my own pork with ease. (thank you, crock pot) And now I can make my favorite side at home on my own... and ... dare I say... It's better than Pollo Tropical's version! Don't ...

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Hello October

hello october

Happy October Everyone!! Never thought I'd say this, but... I miss the October chill of New York. It's just one constant summer down here. (Not complaining. I love the heat...and humidity... yeah I'm that person.) I just miss the sweater and boots weather. I miss the light trench weather. I wear ...

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Happy Birthday To Me!!

happy birthday to me

This post is 19 days late. I'm judging my damn self. LOL Happy birthday to me anyway dammit. It's still my birthday month at least.  I celebrated my birthday at Blogalicious this year. It was weird spending my special day away from loved ones but it was worth it, especially since that was my gift ...

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Gym + Beachbody = Momshell

gym and beachbody

John called me from work one day early last month and told me he bought a gym membership for us. My first thought was... He wants me to cheat on Shaun?! What a hater. I was grateful for it, but I didn't know if I'd go, or if I'd be like the millions of Americans paying for a gym membership they ...

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Read & Grow Rich/Happy/Healthy….Whatever

best personal development books

I've been a fan of personal development books for years. Since my early 20s when I discovered Tony Robbins' book Awaken the Giant Within. That book was a game changer for me. It was all common sense, but broken down in ways I had never thought of before. I was in full-on party girl mode and after ...

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Life Update

life update september 2015

This blog post is alternatively titled "Oh yeah, I have a blog, don't I?" Hi Girls!!!! How has your September been so far? I hope well, considering it's the best month of the year! Life Update time! I've got to preface this post with. LIFE IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I am just filled with joy these ...

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How I’m Preparing for Blogalicious 15 #BYOE15


  This is my first time attending the Blogalicious conference. I've wanted to attend for years, but there was always something preventing me. This year I decided nothing would stop me, and even gave myself the VIP day as a birthday present. CONFESSION: I didn't prepare for BlogHer this ...

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