Busy Mom Meal Prep


I am so not the pinteresty, instagrammy meal prepper. 1) My ish ain't pretty. and 2) I actually didn't consider what I do "meal prep" until someone told me it counts since I'm "prepping" stuff for the week ahead of time. So I still don't call it that lol, but I do process foods for the week to make ...

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May is Here!!!


Happy May!!! I'm pumped as ever because this is going to be a great month for my little family. John surprised us with a cruise (next week!) when we were planning to do one later in the year. Happy Mothers day to me!!! We're headed to Disney and Legoland at the end of the month and Ro is ...

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Fab Fit Fun Box Review


I'm such a subscription box junkie but I stopped my subscriptions last year just before I left corporate America.  I was psyched to get a chance to check out the FabFitFun box because I've heard so much about it....and I'm a sucker for anything with the word fit in it. So Thank You to FabFitFun and ...

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Stork Stories: My TTC Journey

belly hug

You already know how baby crazy I was before getting pregnant.... before getting married even, lol. I've always wanted to be a mom, and I was ready for the hard work it entailed because of how much I helped out with my little bro. I was excited to start a family after John and I got married. I ...

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Forgiveness After Betrayal


Forgiveness After Betrayal Could you ever go back to an ex? Could you forgive if your partner cheated? I know I don't usually talk about my relationship in this way on the blog, but I told you about finding John's love language, and about stuff that went down with my exes so... Even though this ...

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