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Mexico Vacation Recap

Mexico Vacation Recap


On the epic SNL episoded hosted by Betty White, during her facebook themed monologue she mentioned that looking at people’s vacation photos used to be a punishment.  Well, you guys are ’bout to get punished cuz I just got back from 10 days in sunny Riviera Maya!!! (hence my blogging absence)

John and I LOVE it there.  This time we stayed at the Hacienda Tres Rios ( and it was grand! It’s an eco-resort built on a nature reserve with cenotes and 3 rivers on the property.  Wonderful service/amenities/food/activities….etc.  It says it’s 5 star, but I’d rate it a solid 4.   My cousin joined us for a few days, and we rode ATVs, got our scuba diving certification, snorkeled with huge sea turtles, and in funky caves with stalactites/stalagmites and BATS.  (The guide didn’t let us in on the bat part until we were right at the caves opening, that sneaky fucker).  Bats aside, it was heaven!  And boy did I darken up!  The darker I am, the less noticeable my acne and blemishes are. Bonus!

Gotta love it.

Something new we did this trip was, we actually said yes to going on one of those time share presentations.  I know, I know!  It was a lot less pressure than I expected, took about 3 hours (tho they told us 90 mins) and boy oh boy did we get some good perks out of the deal.  We got an hour long honeymoon massage which included mimosas in a jacuzzi afterwards, a private lobster dinner on the beach, and a credit card loaded with $100.  I’m still floating from that massage, so it was definitely worth a 3 hour tour.

Time for your punishment!

 had some great conversations….
I could ride this ATV in my sleep…
showing my ‘scuba gangsta’ 


That wasn’t so bad right? (FB friends, the rest of the flicks are going up there)

I’m super excited we decided to go back again in August!  Now I’m not suffering from post-vacay-depression like I normally would be now.  I get to research hotels, areas, and plan out another awesome trip! Wahoo!

PS: If you haven’t seen the SNL episode I referred to at the beginning of this post, you can go to or and watch it there.  It was great.  Classic, even.

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Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

Lol, love the photo on the bench. :)

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