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Mid Year Goal Setting (+ 2 Gifts For You!)

mid year goals

Did you keep your resolutions this year?

Don’t worry, according to Forbes, under 10% of the population actually does.

How about those goals we set earlier in the year?

Did you cross anything off that list?

I hope you did!

I read a stat recently that only 20% of the population sets written goals.

So, doing that much, you’re ahead of the curve.

If you had the wherewithal to complete one of your goals, you’re officially winning at life!

>>>>> Here are some tips for keeping your resolutions (or reaching your goals!) <<<<<

It’s nice to look back and see what you have completed, isn’t it?!

Kinda like the Done List I told you about.

In that same vein, here’s gift number one:
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Looking over your goals at what you’ve completed, and what you neglected can give great insight to how you approach the second half of the year. Has your focused changed? Did you finish everything on your list? Did you do exactly nothing? Either way, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Setting Mid Year Goals is a great practice to get into. It’s just as motivating as doing it on January 1st.

[I’ve said before that there’s no need to wait until a new year to start something, so if you’re discovering this post at random on October 27th 2016…set some new goals anyway]

How will your daily habits change as a result of what you did or didn’t do?

Where is there room for improvement? What areas are you excelling in?

What would really excite you. What do you feel you need to get done?

I’m spending some time this week adding to my personal goal list, and pruning some items that are no longer relevant. It’s amazing how much can change in 6 months. I would encourage you to do the same.

Gift number two can help you do just that:

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Set a few goals, think about why you want to achieve them, and what steps you’ll take to complete them. By December you can have every item checked off like a bawse. If you’re interested in learning more about setting (and reaching) goals, check out my fave book on goals, and one of the very first personal development books I’d ever read.

What is your #1 Goal for the next 6 months?

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ChaNita Bei

Friday 3rd of July 2015

Hey, #8 is sooooo wrong BLMer! I'm right here! :)

I love this post. It reminds me of all of the goals that I set for the new year and have probably not even one accomplished. Pure laziness...forgetfulness...etc. You're right, only half of the year is gone. I still have time, God willing!

What did I take from this? How can we accomplish something if we don't take the necessary steps to get it done! It's never too late! I've got to get on it.


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

What a great post with some awesome goals that you've already accomplished and are set to do so. This has inspired me to do the same. If it's in writing then it definitely holds you more accountable for what you want and making sure you get there. Thanks!

Ashley Mullen

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

You social circle looks like mine, been leaving here for over 2 years and zero friends. People are quite clicky here.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.