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Private Money Rewiring Session

As an energy healer and intuitive coach my top questions and sessions are focused on money, love and purpose. With Money being the #1 requested issue. I created the Money Manifesting Magic class to address the specific money issues I notice coming up with all of my clients, but after the first cohort of the class, people wanted to go deeper, and not in a group coaching class.


I’m now offering private Money Rewiring Transformational Sessions (for previous clients only*)

These 90-minute 1:1 zoom sessions are a combination of:

  • One on one life coaching session
  • Private intuitive Reading
  • Energy healing / Chakra balancing
  • Hypnosis session

Where you leave with after the session:

  • Personalized EFT Script for Money Manifesting recording
  • Personalized Money Rewiring Hypnosis recording
  • Personalized Money Goals & Money Block Clearing gameplan
  • Feelings of confidence, clarity and ease around money manifesting
  • Personalized attunement to the energy of money you desire

We work together to clear out old stories and beliefs, begin the rewiring process from your subconscious, and we realign you to the frequency of the abundance you desire!

I healed my money wounds and shifted my energy around money and financial abundance and have manifested miraculous wins and money windfalls…. Most importantly, I am now in the energetic space to naturally manifest the money and financial abundance (2 diff things) I desire. It’s just a natural set point now. Using the same tools I used to heal and expand myself, I now help clients with in a safe, one on one setting.

This is for you if you:

  • Want to feel what it’s like to manifest money and financial abundance naturally?
  • Love the idea of having a manifesting practice that gets REAL consistent results?
  • Feel ready to take your manifesting to the next level?

It all starts within. On an energetic and subconscious level.

Let’s dig in and start today.

As a reminder, with the Money Rewiring Session you’ll receive:

  • One on one full life coaching session focused on money/identifying and clearing money blocks (value: $500)
  • An intuitive reading (value $100)
  • An energy healing (value $175)
  • A personalized hypnosis (value $350)
  • A full video recording of the entire session as well as individual recordings of (1) personalized EFT Script and video, and (1) personalized hypnosis audio (value $250)

The Money Rewiring private session is yours for just $777!

Use this link to book today!

*New clients possibly taken, after introductory call.

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