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Manifest It, Sis!

The Manifest it, Sis! Podcast is an empowering space for women of color’s ideal lives to unfold. Danielle Faust, a psychic intuitive and life coach from the blog reveals all of her personal development, wellness and self care strategies, manifesting tips, and intuitive guidance so you can manifest your happy, healthy life with ease.

Discover how you can redesign your lifestyle, reach the goals you set each year, and create a self care plan you actually stick with. Whether you want to manifest love, wealth, or a career you love, you’ll be able to transform your life using practical tips mixed with spirituality, quantum physics and universal laws (such as law of attraction) to bring your desires into reality.

Dani has manifested two healthy children after being told she couldn’t have any, a thriving business from home, the home from her vision board and even the opportunity to meet and interview, her hero, Oprah among other amazing life events.

Self care, affirmations, morning rituals, positivity, quantum physics principles, positive psychology, health and wellness practices, meditation and visualization and more are discussed and explained in easy to relate to terms in this candid, informative podcast.

Equal parts practicality and woowoo, the Manifest It, Sis podcast will hit different, and leave you inspired, motivated and confident in taking the next steps toward your aligned life.

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