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Morning Cardio with JLab Earbuds

jlab earbuds

I treasure my morning cardio time. It’s me time, but also good for me in so many ways. Morning cardio has improved my mood, my productivity, my mindset and bit by bit it’s helping my body as well.

Some days I’ll listen to music. (I love running to music that makes me wanna dance.) But other days I double up my cardio time with personal development time by listening to audiobooks and wellness/spiritual podcasts.

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I got to try out JLab wireless bluetooth earbuds for my morning cardio tunes and I’m not going back. They feel so futuristic and intuitive compared to my old earbuds and the sound quality is amazing.

My old bluetooth headphones still had a wire connecting them from ear to ear, even though they weren’t connected to my device. The JLab wireless earbuds have zero wires. The rechargeable battery keeps them going for 6 hours and they are sweat resistant which is great for cardio sessions.

What I really appreciate is that I don’t have to manually pair it to my device or wait for it to pair. As soon as I pop it out of the case, it’s on and pairs itself to my phone automatically.

When I’ve gotten phone calls with the earbuds in, the sound for me was clear AND for the caller to hear me as well, so the microphones are dope too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.