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5 Sunday Habits to Create an Awesome Week

Do you have Sunday habits? How do you prepare for your week? Do you just hit mondays running or do you take time to prepare over the weekend? In my 20s I would just wake up on Mondays and just try to get my bearing… but in my 30s I started to be a lot more intentional on Sundays so I wouldn’t end up with a case of the mondays.

Here are a few Sunday Habit ideas for you to have better weeks ahead:

Use a Planner

A planner is one of the greatest tools to keep you on track in your life and business. Taking scheduled time out on Sundays to plan the week ahead and identify what’s important to you it’s crucial. You can wrap your head around what’s to come be prepared for all you need to take care of and you’ll feel more on top of things when you have it laid out nicely in a planner.

If you are a goal-setter or intend to be a high achiever that living a more productive life planner is a necessity. I am currently in love with the Clever Fox planner I told you about here and I also use my goals planner the lifestyle redesign workbook. 

I resisted using a planner for so long and once I started I wish I could go back in time and redo all those years over but using a planner. If you don’t think you’re the planner type I encourage you to just try one you may have to try a few different styles to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle but you certainly want to try one out and get into the Sunday night habit of planning your week.

Have cash on hand

This is a new one for me because I am such a credit card / debit card girl, but having cash on hand Sunday evening helps me in so many ways. Now we are not really doing the Dave Ramsey plan with the envelope method but I low-key I’m doing my own version of it. I like having cash on hand in case the kids have a book fair or an event that needs donations at school, and I can use the cash on hand for gas during the week or quick Publix runs if I need to.

It keeps me accountable and I don’t overspend with my discretionary spending because once the cash is gone it’s gone. My tip here is to know what that cash is for is allotted for and stick to your guns about that. And hey you may need some cash on hand to bribe your children… you never know.

Call a friend/family members

I made a change for 2020 that I am not reaching out to those who don’t reach out to me independently otherwise. This has shortened this friend/family list considerably. But in general I check in with friends and extended family members on Sundays.

I want to stay connected with my family that’s far away and friends that I don’t get with on social media throughout the week and I like consolidating it to Sundays so I know that I have reached out and I’m aware of what’s going on with them and have reminded them that they’re loved. I want to keep my connections closer and the weekly reach-out does just that.

Plan your outfits (ish)

 I know I’m being a whole hypocrite suggesting this now because I don’t plan my outfits at all anymore. I live in workout clothes all week long and sometimes on weekends too so… judge me if you want to.

But when I was I working outside the home I would loosely plan my outfits for the week to make mornings easier. Now I do that with the children’s clothes for the week. If you ever come by my house you’ll see the front living room couch covered with 10 little school outfits on Sunday nights. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing look for the front room couch, but it keeps us organized and makes mornings a lot smoother when it comes time to get ready for school. Preplanning your outfits will do the same for you, too. You can use one of these to keep it organized.

(You can use this trick to pare down your wardrobe if it’s too much to go through each week!)

Meal prep (or just plan loosely)

On Sundays is when I do my busy mom meal prep. I will make a big batch of quinoa or rice or baked a big batch of sweet potatoes and I will roast a bunch of chicken breasts to have on hand during the week. You can learn more about that here. While I don’t do traditional meal prep or cook full meals for each day of the week on Sunday, that is certainly a great thing to do to stay ahead of the game come dinnertime throughout the week. I suggest it to most of my clients looking to save time on weekdays. My husband and I do intermittent fasting so we don’t need to prepare meals for breakfast, which makes the lazy mom meal prep a lot easier. 

Journal + Intention Setting

Sunday is the perfect time to whip out your journal and set intentions for the week ahead. I tell all my clients to journal daily, ideally morning and night, but at least once a day if you can’t swing this. Try making it your Sunday routine if you are a beginner and building a habit.

You can write out your feelings about the week, goals for the week ahead, wins from the past week, how you hope to improve the following week, aha moments, things that made you laugh, things that made you think deeply, and work through problems.

A great thing to do in your journal is to set intentions for the week ahead that light you up or state what you want to manifest in the coming week. The idea is just to get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto the paper clearing out energetic space for you in advance of the week.

What do YOU do on Sundays to ensure a kickass week?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.