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The No Laundry Experiment: The Radical Way to a Minimalist Wardrobe with No Regrets

OK girls, this is what I personally did to pare down my wardrobe. Now, I have zero desire for a teeny tiny capsule wardrobe, but I do only want to hang on to clothes that I love, fit, and feel good in. This worked for me and I know it can work for you too.

That said….Here’s the super special, ultra magical, no-fail way to hack minimalism and pare down your wardrobe with no regrets:


::pauses for your eyeroll::

You done? OK, good.

Now, stay with me and hear me out.

First: This is for those of you who are interested in minimalism, cozy minimalism, or even possibly interested in creating a capsule wardrobe. This is also for those of you who just want to declutter your closet, drawers,…bedroom floor…that chair with all the laundry piled up on it…you know the one.

Second: This is for those of you ready to take radical action toward the above and are not interested in doing the Kondo method or the standard sorting method. This is for practical action takers!


Here’s now to pare down your wardrobe without any regrets.

We’ve heard from every lifestyle magazine, every organizing pro on Oprah, and every minimalist guru blog that we only use a small percentage of our wardrobe. We tend to wash and wear the same items over and over (…and over and over) while ignoring the rest.


Stop washing them!

Let the dirty laundry of often-worn pieces pile up, until you have to go into your lesser worn pieces. Then you’ll get to noticing and digging out the pieces you haven’t worn since Clinton was president (or maybe that’s just me). Then you’ll reach the point where you’re like….OMG I am not wearing anything here…I truly have nothing to wear, I need to do laundry.

When you hit that point…stop! Notice how long this takes for you, it’s different for everyone depending on amount of clothes and tolerance of undesirable pieces.

When you are looking through your dresser drawers and standing at your closet door disgusted at the thought of wearing what’s left… That’s when we move on to phase two.

Bag it up!

Everything left, that you’re not willing to wear right now, throw into big garbage bags. Exceptions: Winter coats if it’s summer, specialized items like your wetsuit for scuba or your snowsuit for skiing, that one modest funeral dress, the fancy event dress – if you have fancy events on the horizon, etc.

Don’t have a panic attack. We’re not throwing or giving this all away…yet*. Just bag it all up and put it out of sight. Literally out of sight. In your garage, under your bed, in your car’s trunk…wherever.

*All of the underwear that you were not willing to wear during this laundry experiment… for the love of God just throw them out immediately.

Now go do your laundry!

Do your laundry and put away the pieces you have remaining. You are now left with the items that you love, often wear, or like enough that you are willing to wear them when your favorites are not available. Put them away, and notice how much more space you have in your closet and drawers. Notice the way you feel about the pieces you have now. Notice the amount of clothes you actually wear in a certain time period. Notice how you feel about the amount of clothing you have left. You may want to journal through some feelings that come up. We tend to tie a lot of self perception to the amount of clothes/shoes/bags we own, so make note of what you feel here and know any feeling is totally OK.

Wear what’s there!

We all have different amounts of clothing, so however long it took you to get to the “I’ve gotta do laundry, I’m not wearing any of this shit.” point, make note of it. You will now go that same amount of time wearing only the items you have available. Yup. Over this time frame, notice if you find yourself “needing” something that has been bagged up. Notice if you find yourself wishing for certain new pieces to add on to what you have. Keep a running list of pieces you wish you had back, or wish you owned at all. Stay strong and wear only what you have available for the full time period. You can do it! This is all the clothing you really like!

Say goodbye!

When the time frame is up, you may go and retrieve only the items you felt you “needed” and the rest of the bagged up items have got to go to a charity like Goodwill or a lucky friend or family member. No excuses. No backsies. This is the crucial point where you woman up! You have proven to yourself through your actions that you only require the clothing items that remain in your wardrobe. There is no need to keep a bag of unwearable, unwanted clothing under your bed, in your garage or in your trunk. Get rid of it and see how free you feel.


Do something to celebrate this huge step you took in your minimalist journey or decluttering journey! You were bold, you were strong, you were true to yourself and you made some big decisions. You should be proud of yourself! Celebrate by buying that ONE piece you were thinking about to round out the wardrobe, or reorganize your closet to display your clothes in a prettier way. Maybe throw a mirror in your closet, or hang pretty affirmation wall art above your dresser.

Notice what comes next!

This is a very practical way to pare down your closet, but I gotta get woo woo on ya for a sec. Everything is energy. Even your clothes, and the rest of your clutter. When you get rid of it you create space for other energy to flow through to you. So notice what good things come your way after you’ve finished the No Laundry Experiment. It doesn’t necessarily come in the same way as what was cleared. So what comes your way wont be more clothes, that defeats the purpose. It’ll be more like: you declutter all of your clothes and somebody gifts you beautiful pink padded hangers out of nowhere. Or, you clear and organize your entire office of all the paper clutter and you get a new client. I go into this deeper in my 5-day manifesting breakthrough challenge if you’re interested. It changed my life and how I manifest good stuff.

Do it again!

Give yourself a year and repeat the process! You did it once, you can do it again. Hopefully this time you’ll have much less left over to bag up!

Will you try the No Laundry Experiment?

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Saturday 27th of May 2017

OMGosh this is such a great idea! I noticed how much of my closet is going to waste when packing for our family vacation. I'm like wait - are these tags? I haven't worn this yet at all!?!? It's crazy! I may have to take a laundry break so I can do a true purge.


Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

Brilliant! I pretty much live this way now except with two little ones laundry gets done often around here... but I really only have a few outfits for each season that I consistently wear. I guess it's time to clear the closets again! Thanks for the reminder.

Toia Barry

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

This makes so much sense to me, mainly because I do this often by accident! The laundry bag will be beyond full (to be fair, my 2 year-old's stuff goes in my bag too) and I'm forced to look beyond the "regulars". Welp, it's nearly filled to the brim now so this may be a good time to do this on purpose! Thanks!

Andrea Bates

Saturday 20th of May 2017

I love this. I kind of do it now and then, but never in a seriously defined kind of way.

Great concept and idea.


Saturday 20th of May 2017

Thanks! It's easier to do it this way for me, than to do the ways prescribed in books. Plus I get out of laundry for a lil while... What is your way of doing it?

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