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Memorial Day Sale!

This Memorial Day isn’t going to look like it usually does, huh. We are all inside and seperated by law or by choice and just trying to stay healthy. My heart goes to anyone who lost a servicemember they were close to. This year we will be honoring and remembering them in a very different way. 2020 is so crazy.

A sheltered-in-place Memorial Day wont stop the Memorial Day Sales tho. That brightens things up just a bit!!

I’m offering discounts on some of my offerings. Check em out!

Memorial Day Sales on Psychic / Intuitive Readings:

If you’ve been curious about getting a reading, now is the time to try it out. It’s the perfect time of year to get a 2020 Summer forecast reading as well as a general read to know what your next best steps are and get guidance direct from spirit.

My hybrid Reading+Coaching combo call is on sale for $125! (usually $140) With this option you receive a 30 minute reading and a 30 minute coaching session all in one hour-long call.

My usual readings are NOT on sale but are always bookable!

  • 15 Minute readings are $40
  • 30 Minute readings are $75
  • 3-Card Pulls (not live) are $30 (these don’t need to be scheduled on calendar)

Check out to schedule and book!

To schedule the Hybrid Reading+Coaching Session just visit and when it is time to pay, (paypal and cashapp only) simply enter in the Memorial Day sale discounted amount.

Visit to learn a bit more and read testimonials from past clients!

50% Off Manifesting Masterclass: Attractionista 101!

This popular workshop sells for $77 regularly. From today through Tuesday 5/26 it is selling for 50% off!!

I have never, ever sold this workshop for this low of a price before. Use code MEMORIALDAY to get it for 50% off today!

Learn more here:

Memorial Day Sales on Blog and Biz Coaching:

I am taking 25% off of all the blog and biz coaching offerings located here:

If you need help with starting your blog, pitching, monetizing or growing your brand, I’ve got your back. Visit and shoot me an email at

Memorial Day Sale on the Lifestyle ReDesign Workbook!

This printable workbook has 198 pages of content to help you create the rest of your 2020 that looks and feels exactly as you desire it to. Manifesting your dream life can be a lot less complicated using the tactics laid out in this workbook/planner.

The Lifestyle ReDesign Workbook is on sale for 50% off for this week only!!

You can get it HERE for just $10 until Tuesday!!

Memorial Day Sale on Spiritual Life + Manifestation Coaching

I wasn’t going to include this, but I feel like it’s a good look especially with this Covid-19 nonsense going on.

I’m taking 25% off of my 90-day 1 on 1 coaching, saving you $500! Boom. Done. There I said it, so now I can’t take it back. LOL. Email me at or DM me on FB or IG to chat.

Over the 90-Day coaching program you receive biweekly coaching calls, hella homework, hella support between calls via Marco Polo, an energy clearing session, a reiki session, and most importantly, you receive a personalized blueprint for manifesting your desires with confidence and ease. We get you 100% unstuck and moving forward!

Shoot me an email to discuss or schedule a 15 min chemistry call at

Sale ends Tuesday!!!

What Memorial Day Sale will you jump on?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.