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Planner Love: Getting Organized for 2015

2015 planner mess okdani blog

Let me preface this post with: I love lists. (like…I REALLY love lists.) I love planners. I love organization PERIOD.

Before I started working for myself I got by with a standard weekly planner like these.

But for the past few years I’ve been at war with planners. I cannot find one planner that successfully handles all the different sides of my life.

I need something that can include:

  • My personal life
  • Household management stuff
  • My Fitness/Food stuff
  • Beachbody business
  • Blogging/Writing business
  • Budgeting/Financial stuff


Last year, I just used two weekly planners. One for personal life and one for business life. Not good. So limited, too scattered…

This year I used a great planner for business that I got at ibloom. (Sidebar – ibloom’s book for business owners is great!)

This planner was actually pretty good, I’d recommend it to coaches/consultants and other service providers who need a good life/biz planner. But I was frustrated that

a) it was bound and I couldn’t add a few things I wanted to pop in, and

b) it was limited in space to write in for different projects.

Next year… I’m trying something new… It’s a bit different since I’m working both outside the home at a day job again, as well as home for myself.

I already told you I am using the Blog Action Planner, which so far I’m really impressed/happy with. But I’m also using printouts from various blogs, and blank calendars found online as well. (if you do a search for printable planners you’ll get LOTS of results…check my boo Pinterest too)

I’m going big binder style this year, and then I’m using a lil mini planner to take with me on the go. I need something for my listmaking, and random ideas while I’m out. I’m certainly not hauling around a big ol’ binder wherever I go.


that would be me

In the binder I’ve got sections for each area of my life and extra sheets for:

Notes, projects, workouts, cataloguing, etc….and lots of list paper 🙂

And although it’s…hefty…it’s malleable and can be updated each month if I feel something is missing (or un-needed)…. I’m sure I’ll be popping in several sheets of “notes”

What do you use to stay organized?

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Tuesday 30th of December 2014

I love lists and planers too :-) i have one for my basic day to day life (dr appts, fitness schedule etc.) planner that I got from Rite Aid Pharmacy. I found it by accident. It's great though. It has a section for contacts and everything. But then I created a household binder for cleaning, shopping, etc. After I put all my planning "guides" together I bought a tote to house them all in. I have 3 binders...1 for blogging/vlogging, 1 for household and 1 for fun personal stuff like fashion and beauty ideas :-)


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

I use my outlook calendar for work and school stuff. I use my google calendar on my phone for personal/important cannot forget stuff. And every morning I make a to do list. It doesn't help if I leave it at work, like I did last week.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.