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Songs for Manifesting Money

I was laying in bed watching youtube videos and a great song for money manifesting just popped up in my recommendations. That sent me down a mini rabbit hole of music videos that will help you manifest money with songs from youtube, absolutely free!

For me, my usual manifesting songs are more about things that get me into a higher vibed state vs ones that are literally speaking about manifesting. I like Michael Franti and Spearhead stuff for their vibes, I like roots reggae for their energy, and songs from my teens for the energetic space they hold within me and return me to.

Then there are random new songs like Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings which reminds me to let manifesting be easy “I want it, I get it.” boom. done.

So, when choosing songs for manifestation, just know, it doesn’t have to be literal like the ones I just discovered today. It just has to light you up.

Anyway here we go with a few you may dig:

This first one is my absolute favorite of the day. I’ll let this play in the background while I’m working. The words are perfect and it’s funky. Issa bop!

Money is Coming to Me By Eddie Watkins Jr.

You can’t tell me that’s not a bop!!

This next one is corny. I mean, really corny. Feels like something you’d use to try to “make learning fun” for kids lol. But…I still dig it. The energy is right. And you might dig it too:

Karen Drucker – Prosperity Chant

That woman has a lot of very high vibed songs. She’s doing some good ish in this world. She has a series of albums it seems “Songs of the Spirit” and all are great for us conscious manifestors. So, thanks Karen. This is one of her songs for gratitude:

Thank you for this day

She also has a Money is Coming to Me song…but it’s not as much of a bop as the first video in this post. It’s still really good though! Kinda Jazzy. Kinda chanty.

Money is coming to me – Karen Drucker

Last one for now from Karen Drucker is her Receiving Chant. The words are on point.

Karen Drucker – Receiving Chant

This next song is a good reminder to chill out and get out of your own way to allow money (or anything else) to manifest:

Francine Jarry – If You Want It

Here is a money chant/affirmation set to music that you may like. It’s not my speed exactly, but I can see how someone would dig it: Magnet to Money

Lastly, if you wanna rock out 80’s hair band style, you’ll like this one. I kinda only like the chorus, but sharing for you:

I’m a Money Magnet

Now, I didn’t know about these songs or artists before but when I have time I am going to dig in to find truly high vibed music for manifesting. Until then, I’ll likely be listening to the first song I shared on repeat for a minute.

For the songs to help you with manifesting they must resonate. So if you don’t dig any of these, go search on youtube for some that light you up!

Happy Manifesting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.