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Exercise for Beginners: How to Start Your Fitness Journey

The new year always brings with it new goals. Most people choose to restart their fitness journey around this time of year. I hear people complaining about the extra-full gym, but I love it. I’m proud of anyone trying to get their health in check. Especially beginners.

Here are some tips on how to start your fitness journey if you are a beginner or coming back from a long fitness hiatus.

Set a very small goal

You may start the year thinking of your main goal of losing X pounds but a smarter way to go about starting your fitness journey is with a mini goal. A mini goal is faster to reach and serves as a confidence boost on your way to your next mini goal. Break down your long-term goal into small incremental goals and your likely stick to your new fitness habits. I mean really small, like: workout twice this week or drink two glasses of water each day this week.

Learn all you can

There’s a saying that energy flows where attention goes, so put more attention on learning about exercise, fitness and nutrition when you begin your fitness journey. The more you learn about wellness and health the more apt you’ll be to stick to your new habits. You will be inundating your mind with all these fitness facts and the new healthier version of you will become your new normal. It’s likely you’ll want to implement all your new knowledge and make fitness a habit and a hobby.

Start slow

Keeping your mini goals in mind… It may be tempting to jump in to a 7 day a week workout regimen, do intense workouts or start a program with restriction such as whole 30 right out the bat for quick results. But, I would suggest starting slow if you are a beginner on a fitness journey. Start slow no matter how highly motivated you maybe because there will be a point of burnout. You will experience muscle soreness and fatigue (it’s normal) and if you don’t start slow you will exacerbate those things and may lose motivation to continue your journey.

Choose an exercise plan that has every other day workouts so you have rest days built into your plan work so that you are putting out great effort but don’t overtrain early on. After you’ve got the hang of it you can add on, or have active rest days or do more intense workouts.

Try free workouts until you find what you like

Try a variety of exercise plans and workouts until you find what you like. There are millions of plans to experiment with for free on YouTube.
Also check out fitness blender for free workouts for all body parts varying lengths of time and with or without equipment. I have been a fan of fitness blender for a long time and recommend them to everyone looking for free workouts that are effective.

Try out barre, yoga, crossfit, hiit, pilates etc. workouts online before shelling out for a class. You’ll save yourself a headache and some money.

Take a walk

When in doubt, Walk it out! I take a walk every morning and love it both for the fitness benefits and for the mental and emotional health aspects of it too. A great walk in nature can clear my mind or when I walk with my mom in the morning it’s a great time to catch up and connect while getting some good cardio in.

If you have no gym membership and can’t walk on a treadmill or if the weather prevents you from walking outdoors do not hesitate to walk in place in front of the television or try walking through your local mall.

Do not be deceived and think that walking isn’t an effective workout. A mile is a mile whether you sprint or stroll.

Be positive!

No matter how you choose to start your fitness journey…. you are winning. You are taking control of your health and wellness and your longevity. And bonus: if you have kids you are setting a really great example of what self care looks like! So kudos to you and good luck on your journey!!

Where are you on your fitness journey?

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Exercise for Beginners: How to Start Your Fitness Journey ⋆ Ok, Dani – WayPoint Fitness

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

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