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Bahamas Relief – Hurricane Dorian

I’m sitting here in awe that my little idea has generated almost $600 in donations in just 24 hours!

We battened down the hatches for Dorian but it missed us, thankfully. Bahamas was not so lucky. Not sure if you’ve seen the news coverage, but the islands were ravaged. Lives were lost and there is a lot of devastation.

We are helping though!

My children’s school in conjunction with Palm Beach County School system is sending supplies to the Bahamas to help.

bahamas relief hurricane dorian

In the shower I got the idea to do some readings / card pulls in exchange for donations for the supply drive. My goal was to raise $200 so I could donate water purification tablets and work gloves.

No idea how amazing all my facebook friends (and their friends) would be! They showed up and showed out! I went live and did the card pulls for about an hour…..And in 9 hours we had $525 raised!

I’d LOVE it if you’d donate to the cause. Even $5 or $10 helps. It all adds up. is the link to donate.

If you are interested in buying the supplies yourself and having them sent to me to bring to the school, here is the Amazon Wishlist:

The deadline to drop the supplies off is Friday, September 13th.

I plan on making the Amazon order on Tuesday, September 10th and delivering everything to the school by the 13th.

So far in the cart we have IN BULK: Diapers, Bottles, Formula, Baby Food and Water Purification Tablets, Work Gloves, and Lanterns with Batteries.

Please give what you can. And follow me on Facebook @daniellefaust and @okdani and Instagram @thedanifaust. I’ll be documenting the process of purchasing, and when the items arrive and when we bring them to the school. So you’ll KNOW exactly where your money goes.

If you are in south Florida and have non-perishable items you’d like to donate, email me or message me and I’ll happily come pick them up from you!

Here’s one of the card pull vids in case you’re interested in booking a one-on-one reading with me:


Let’s help the people of this beautiful country out!!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.