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4 Healthy Family Resolutions for the New Year

New year resolutions get a bad rap. Usually because people set out to do lofty things, and then don’t accomplish them. I’m a fan of resolutions, especially healthy family resolutions. I’m a fan of anything that will get you moving in the direction of your best life….even if you quit in February and have to start again. 🙂

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I’m a bigger fan of intentional goal setting, but that’s a different post. I want to challenge you set your personal resolutions for the year ahead and also set family resolutions for the year. This will get everyone in your household involved and you’ll automatically have built-in accountability partners on your journey to better health.

A few family resolutions to consider are: 

Walking together after dinner

Resolve to make an active daily family tradition like taking a walk after dinner. Getting active as a family will help encourage them to make healthier food choices, and prioritize health and wellness at large. Bonus, it’s additional family time where you can all talk and connect without devices hindering communication (or eye contact).

Pre-scheduling kids’ visits to doctor/dentist 

Resolve to get kids medical appointments on the family’s calendar early on. You can pre-plan for preschool year appointments, sports season physical appointments, annual flu shots, etc. Having it pre-scheduled gives you one less thing to think about in your busy family life. If you don’t yet have health and dental insurance for your little ones and you live in Florida, you can get high quality, low-cost insurance through Florida KidCare.

Doing yoga or meditation together

My children love yoga and want to do it even when I’m not in the mood. Resolve to zen out together as a family with yoga or mindfulness meditations. Children as young as 2 can get started with these practices and it will help them destress, relax and stretch out. You’ll benefit in the same ways, and have an additional family activity to do together. Try an app like Calm, Headspace or Insight Timer to help with meditating.

Using fitness trackers for family competitions

Resolve to be more active as a family. Fitbits and similar fitness trackers are super popular. There are many brands now and tons for children as well. Use them as a family and create daily or weekly step – or calorie competitions to encourage more activity among every family member. Top scorer from each week gets to pick the family movie on movie night!

What are your healthy family resolutions?

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Sunday 24th of December 2017

I love the comic strip at the beginning...LMAO

I don't have family resolutions. But my main goal is to set an example for them. I won't nag (so difficult not to). But hopefully set a pattern for them to follow.


Friday 22nd of December 2017

These are wonderful ideas! I love the family walks after dinner idea but I live in Wisconsin and our temps can get so cold! I really like the fitness trackers for family competitions. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Great post Dani! Resolutions do get a bad rap. lol I try to set one that is actually achievable so I don't feel like such a loser. lol Like saying "I'm going to lose weight" is way to vague and thats how most people fail but saying something like I'm going to take a short walk after dinner (like you mentioned) twice a week is a goal that you can actually measure and achieve plus you can also change or adjust it as your needs/schedule/likes/dislikes change.


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

First of all that image is hilarious!

I haven't necessarily created any Family Resolutions, but if I had one it would be more family activities. I feel like we barely did anything this year unless it was work related, and that needs to change.

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