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Fit Fridays: Slacker Edition




Giiiiiiiiiiiirls….. I have been slacking big-time on my workouts.

My plan was to do Body Beast and mix in T25 and Piyo. What have I been doing?…. sporadic beast, sporadic runs and no piyo or T25 to speak of.


I have no excuse. I’m making the CHOICE not to wake up early everyday and knock out my workout early like I plan to. I’m ALLOWING myself to slip and get undisciplined. I know sporadic workouts = stunted results. ::sigh:: I’m going to get myself into a fellow coach’s challenge group to help regain motivation.

Right now, I am bloated due to a monthly visitor so I’m not going to mess my head up and weigh myself, but even without the water weight gain, I know the past few weeks are having a negative impact on my conditioning. 🙁  I plan to weigh and measure at the beginning of each month so in about a week we’ll see how I’m really doing, results-wise.

Only good thing is I have been eating well….if we don’t count last night’s pound cake and sweet tea binge. ::avoids eye contact::

And one of the wellness related Q’s from my ask me anything post:

How do you deal with food cravings? Or are you naturally not a big eater? I have my gym routine down but it’s the food that gets me!!

I’m naturally a grazer and I can eat. I deal with food cravings by having a substitute and not having my real triggers in the house (though, last night I did tell John to bring home pound cake…and cupcakes)  I talked a lilbit about food here.

I feel like I’m usually doing better with one or the other. If I’m eating really well my workouts are slacking a little… if I’m working out hardcore…a) I feel hungrier and b) I allow a little more wiggle room in my diet.

My suggestion would be to clear out your kitchen so you don’t have your major temptations easily available, and have some healthy substitutes on hand.

I crave sweets, so I have lots of fruit around…but a fruit will never be ice cream so if that’s what I’m REALLY craving (usually around “a certain” time of the month) I will have a little ice cream and call it a day.

How are you doing, fitness-wise?

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Friday 22nd of August 2014

I actually was just able to start the Slim in 6 program well the fitness part and so far so good. I love sweets & have the same monthly problem. I've been curing mine with Dark Chocolate Granola Thins only 80 calories. It is sweet enough for just one to be good but I don't feel as guilty because calories are low. I've been trying the fruit thing but sometimes I just need real manufactured sweets :) My diet on the other hand is suspicious at best but I am making healthier choices so all in all I'd say my lifestyle change is going slow but good.

Dani Faust

Monday 25th of August 2014

Ha!! suspicious at best. What brand are those dark choc granola thins?

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