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How to Find Your Soulmate Workout

Finding your soulmate workout

In one of my favorite personal development books, I learned the term “Soulmate Workout.” This is the workout that you love, gets you great results, you enjoy doing, and will come back to over and over because you know it’ll always do right by you.

Many people feel like exercise has to be a chore. They hate running, but know it’s effective so they do it…then they procrastinate, stop running, regain weight, etc. That’s not the way to go. There are so many options for getting in shape these days that finding a workout style, or program that you love is possible.

My cousin never worked out a day in her life. She tried a barre class and immediately fell in love. She took classes all the time, and actually woke up early to attend them. She was so great at it that the owner of the company asked her to teach classes. For me, running is my soulmate workout. It’s like that great friend that you speak to once in a blue but immediately fall right back in to that deep comfort level, jokes, familiarity etc.

So, how do you know if a workout is your soulmate?

  1. You enjoy doing it
  2. You look forward to doing it
  3. You’re really good at it, or have the desire to be really good at it
  4. You learn more about it on your own or you tell others about it often
  5. When you try other workouts, you always come back to it

How can you find your soulmate workout?

  1. Know yourself – Do you like gyms, private studios, classes, one on one instruction, working out at home? Do you like dance workouts? Weights? Variety? Fast pace? Jumpin’ around? (I love jumpin’ around) Yoga? Pilates? Biking? Swimming? Go with what you like best and find workouts that fit in that category.
  2. Try a variety of workouts – you don’t have to spend a lot, try a few for free on fitnessblender or youtube to see if it suits your style. You can also do a workout program swap with a friend. I traded my coach friend T25 for her P90X3 so we could both try out something new at no cost. (but I’m going to be doing Max 30 after all)
  3. Give it a fair shake – You’ve got to give whatever you’re trying a chance. I hated spin class the first time I took it. It was so uncomfortable and boring. I tried again with a different instructor, and it was much more comfortable but still boring. Tried a few classes with a popular instructor and almost had a good time! LOL. My point is, if I didn’t try again after the first class I would’ve written it off alltogether. Spinning is not my go to workout, but I enjoy it more than I did after my first go at it.

Have you found your soulmate workout already? What is it?

Check out a bunch of workout plans to try on my pin board: Exercise – Fitness – Wellness

If you’d like to check out beachbody fitness programs on your search for a soulmate, get at me and I can help you pick a winner.

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Friday 30th of October 2015

Thanks for the tips. I need to also find my Soulmate Workout.

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Friday 30th of October 2015

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LaChaya Terry

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

I need to find my soulmate workout! The hardest part about working out is finding something about it I love otherwise it becomes a dreadful chore. A chore is the last thing I want it to be, I want to feel fulfilled and to have a Haute Body too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.