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10 Things I Wish I Had at Disney World

Summer time is coming! We are starting to plan our travel for the year. Right now Disneyworld is looking like it’s going to happen *squeal!* I started looking at the pictures from Rohan’s birthday trip to Disney World in 2016 and got a lil misty eyed. It was such a fun long weekend. Rohan, Kaya and John’s first time to Disney EVER, and my first in about 20 years.

Even though it was super fun and memorable, there are a few things I wish I had during that trip that I will be sure to have next time we head to Disney world:


Do you remember the Modern Family episode where Gloria wore heels to Disney? She suffered all day then finally broke down and wore slippers and was in heaven. I wore my favorite chucks last year. By the end of the day my feet were aching! In sneakers? I didn’t expect that. Everywhere I turned I saw families all wearing Crocs. I stopped a few moms to ask how comfortable they were and they all gushed about it. (I was sure to ask a few later in the day too just to see how their piggies were holding up.)

Water Spray Fan

Listen. When I tell you it was H.O.T under that Orlando sun….. We ended up purchasing one the following day at Legoland, but I realize we needed it for Disney World for sure. At least we are prepared for this year! The kids enjoyed spraying themselves and staying cool, and we could just refill as needed at one of the water fountains. I was surprised at how powerful those little fans were!

Prepurchased Tickets

We received 2 complimentary tickets which as a blessing. Since Kai was 2 we only had to purchase one ticket for our family of four. #winning! Had I known what a horror that ticket counter line would be, I would’ve been sure to pre-purchase my ticket well ahead of time. I know better for this year.

Cooler Bag

We used frozen water bottles in John’s backpack as our “cooler.” Overall the fresh fruits (bagged up grapes and apple slices) and snacks (pollyo string cheese, gogurt, gogo squeeze) held up well and were cold for the kids. Unfortunately those bottles of ice were heavy and made poor John into a pack mule. We will take a cooler bag so no heavy ice bottles will be needed.

Wide Brimmed Hat

No cute mini ears for me this year. Nope. Big sunglasses are not good enough. All four of us will be wearing wide brimmed hats to Disney this year. John has one of these for when he’s working in the yard, and he wore it and was the smartest out of all of us. So I will get the same type for the kids to protect their necks too.

Bigger double stroller

We have so many strollers it’s ridiculous. I want a bigger double tandem stroller to haul these kids around. The double umbrella stroller we had held up well, but wasn’t as comfortable for the kids to sit in, and also it’s too short for John’s tall self to comfortably push.


Kids Camera

Part of the joy of doing Disney as a mom is seeing things through my children’s eyes. This would be even more special in photo form. I want to see what they want to take photos of and what memories they save. I found a few children’s cameras on amazon that looked decent. (unfortunately I know I’ll have to get 2 to avoid epic meltdowns)

Grownup Camera

I am trying to vlog and make more videos, so I want a camera to take photos and videos. I have my huge DSLR but I don’t want to lug that around. I used my phone the entire trip to Disney and I think I need to find something in between phone and DSLR to comfortably travel with but still get great images. I just ordered this Canon camera which has video capabilities and is not as heavy and bulky as my original old DSLR, but still bigger than those cute lil sony vlogging cameras every youtuber has.

Selfie Stick

Since I was using my phone I constantly had to ask John to hold it out for family selfies. He shakes. Photo ruined. So I would hold it, and always have awkward shots with my arm looking huge in the foreground.

Exhibit A:

I want a selfie stick so I can get great wide angle shots when I do use my phone, or the new camera I mentioned above.


More time

I mean…come on. Who doesn’t want more time at Disney?! This is an obvious one. We spent a full day there and it was long, hot and tiring. We can’t do it in one day ever again. We’ll plan for at least 3 so we can see a few parks and have comfortable downtime. We loved coming home to the rental house and hopping in the pool. It would be nice to space things out better.

What do you wish you had on your last trip to Disney?

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Laura Smith

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

A Disney cast member will always take your picture if you ask them! Something to keep in mind if you’re not a fan of your selfie-taking abilities. It’s also worth looking into the Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker Service. It’s not cheap, but those photographers are *everywhere* and the pictures you get back from them are excellent — without having to worry about the picture-taker not being in the shot.

Paige Buchanan

Friday 24th of March 2017

Selfie sticks have been banned from Disney parks. Just an FYI


Sunday 26th of March 2017

Oh Nooooooo!! Well, that's that then. lol

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.