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The Best Subscription Boxes to Gift this Season

Subscription boxes are popping up in every theme imaginable. This makes them great for gifting this holiday season. Here are the best subscription boxes to gift the variety of people you have on your list this year.

The best subscription boxes for holiday gifting this year.

Subscription boxes are monthly deliveries of curated niche products. There are subscription boxes for every hobby, personality or interest nowadays. It makes gifting for your loved ones easy. You have the option of gifting a one-off gift box or a 3-month to year-long subscription so it doesn’t have to break the holiday spending budget either!

In each box is a variety of products and new brands for them to discover or activities for them to complete. It’s a fool-proof gift that’s quick and easy for you and much more thoughtful than a gift card.

I’m gifting my family (and myself) subscription boxes this year just for ease. Here are a few faves by interest:

Best Subscription Boxes For the Home Decor Lover:

Home Made Luxe

This company is run by a mom of color so it’s near and dear to my heart. If you have a crafter in your life or someone big into home decor, this is perfect! Every month you get high quality supplies to create a home decor item. The directions are clear and the finished products always look amazing. If you have any HGTV fans on your gift list, try Home Made Luxe out for them this year.

Wick Box

This is a monthly luxury scented candle delivery and they’ll throw other surprise goodies in sometimes too. The candles are scented to your preferences and come with a dust bag too. I appreciate that because I switch out the candles I burn during my baths and don’t like when long unused ones get a lil dust on em. If you’re a candle lover, this may be a fun gift for yourself too!

Succulent Studios

I’m legit getting this for myself. I love succulents and I tend to kill plants like it’s my job. But succulents…they get me. They know I’m absent-minded and will forget to water them for years, and they just plug along no matter what.

Each subscription box comes with two unique 8-week-old succulents. Perfect for your home, apartment, office, or dorm, these baby plants ship in 100% plastic-free packaging with `biodegradable pots, happy and ready to grow! Add ’em anywhere you want a pop of color and a boost of oxygen!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Fitness Junkies:

Fab Fit Fun

fabfitfun subscription box

I used to be a Fab Fit Fun subscriber a couple years ago and I forget why I fell off. I LOVED it. And I still use some of the items regularly. (my elastic stretch bands for yoga especially #obsessed)

Each season you get a box chock full of products you’ll actually use. And now they’ve added services! A coach I know, Laura Saltman, is featured in the winter 2019 box. Check her out!
This box is great for gifting, especially for Christmas since new year resolutions are right around the corner. Gift this subscription box to yourself if nothing else!

The Keto Box

the best subscription boxes for keto

This looks like John all the way. I’m still on the fence with getting this for him though because I know it’ll tempt me to eat more snacks along with him.

The Keto Box brings 10 keto / low carb friendly snacks each month and a gang of coupons too. You get a 28-day meal plan and after your second shipment you’ll also get a 20 minute keto coaching call! That’s dope. If you have low carbers in your life, or are planning on going keto/paleo/whole30/atkins etc… this may be a great subscription box for you too!

The Best Boxes for Beauty Fans:

Scent Box

I debated getting this for my mom, but then she told me she wanted this juicer so that’s what she got instead. I’ll save this gift idea for her birthday because she loves different perfumes. I am so boring with them, I’ve worn the same few scents for the past 20 years! If you’re like me and want to branch out or if you have someone in your life that loves to experiment with scents this box is perfection!

facetory subscription box


I was excited to discover this box and I’m giving it to my cousin who’s birthday is also this month. She is so into skincare and Asian beauty products and is going to just die when she gets this.

Each box comes with a variety of sheet masks for your face as well as a few skin care products to go along with it. By the time you use up the products, a new batch is arriving in the following subscription box shipment.

Allure Beauty Box

This is another subscription box perfect for someone very into beauty. I used to swear by the Allure Best in Beauty lists. Some of their picks were spot on for me.

Are YOU a Subscription box fan?

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