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Wink Shapewear Review and Giveaway!



Hey girls! 

I’ve got a great giveaway for you today!! 

Let me first just tell you something about this company because I am impressed. Usually when I review a product and I have negative points, I will let the company know privately in an email what my issues were and I let them decide if they want me to post the review or not. Seriously, 99% of the time the company tells me no, don’t review it! But Wink Shapewear, I told them my issues with the product and they said yes, review it fully, the negatives and the positives. So *applauds* kudos to you, Wink, for not being scared of an honest review.

I wasn’t a shapewear user in general, but I wanted to try out something to bind my belly after pregnancy. (Cuz I heard it helps you get skinny quickly – FAIL)  I tried spanx and for me…it just didn’t work well. After trying Wink Shapewear post-partum, (and having a few issues) I didn’t use it for a while then wore it again at Roey’s bday in June, and then brought it to BlogHer last month.

This is the product I tried: 

The Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini (in black)

First the positives:

When I wore it shortly after giving birth to Kaya (about 1 week after the c-section) it certainly “bound” me. I felt very supported and nipped in, even if there was no actual “nipping” going on. It was so much easier to walk, bend, move, turn. I felt like I could actually stand up straight and walk upright. It was awesome!!

At that point I wasn’t using it for bellyflattening, as I certainly wasn’t wearing anything bodyhugging lol. But it is great at smoothing things out, though a lot of the extra fat was slightly bulging at the top and leg holes. It’s like a really sturdy sausage casing. When I used it at Roey’s birthday, it was great. I had already lost some of the baby weight, and wanted to “feel” skinny. I popped it on, and it still made me feel like standing up taller, and I felt slimmer, and again it smoothed things out without there being a big old roll of meat at the top!

Now using it this past week at BlogHer. I’m definitely a fan. It flattened me out nicely. That mommy pooch was not there, and I was able to wear leggings and a body skimming top without bulging up top. I LOVE this thing!

It’s well constructed and feels sturdy. There’s a closure at the crotch so it’s easy to open to use the bathroom, and it has three different sets of latches (kind of like on the back of your bra) so you can adjust it over your legs/butt in the best way for your shape.

wink shapewear

(wearing the Wink Shapewear here – can’t wait till this is a pic of me without shapewear!)

(yes that’s a biore strip on my nose #judgemeifyouwanna #idgaf)

The negatives:

  • Good lord this thing is hard to get on!! I legit feel like I’m going to die trying to yank it up my body! It’s dreadful.
  • It rolls down a bit at the top. I had to keep pulling it up. (This was my concern when I wrote to the company, however, this past week at blogher, it didn’t roll down at all) When I contacted Wink about my issues, they suggested it may have been the wrong size, that’s when they usually get the shifting/rolling issues. I guess I now am the right size for it because it now stays put.
  • Now, I’m not the most bootylicious person in the world, but I do have a lil something to work with back there. If you notice in the company’s pics up top the shaper lays smooth on the model’s butt.  …Now…with the way my booty meat is set up….No. It presses in and creates a lump that prevents me from wearing a bodyhugging dress. Those leggings I mentioned earlier…I had to be sure the top skimmed over my butt so the lumps weren’t visible.

I would completely, 100% recommend this to someone who wants to smooth out, or feel supported and stand upright after a cesarean. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to run around and take care of Roey so soon after giving birth to Kaya if I didn’t have this to hold me up!

Also, regarding the negatives, Wink told me that The Ultimate Belly Blaster or the Tummy Tuck Blaster would definitely not roll down, considering they have straps, so those would be another alternative to the Bikini if you’re interested in buying this for yourself (which you totally should!)

PS You get 10% off your purchase just by signing up for the Wink Newsletter.

OK, now it’s time to win one of these bad boys from Wink Shapewear for yourself!! Enter below, and Good Luck!!

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Monday 11th of August 2014

I haven't tried it before. Maybe something for the tummy area.

Thomas Murphy

Monday 11th of August 2014

I have never used shapewear before


Monday 11th of August 2014

I've tried spanx before and I really liked it.

Jill Myrick

Monday 11th of August 2014

I have never tried shapewear before but would love to try the waist and hip blaster in nude.



Sunday 10th of August 2014

I have used a few times for special events

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.