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8 Small Changes Making A Big Difference

Small Changes. Big Results. In the past couple of weeks I have made a few small changes/decisions that are making a significant impact in my daily life. Honestly I really didn’t realize when I started them, what a good move they would turn out to be. (Well some of them were a given, like #8 but…) Now I’m feeling like a more intentional mom, smarter businesswoman, more “with it” and “together woman, healthier, and a better wife. Check out what’s been going on:

made bed

I make my bed when I wake up

Let me tell you about how my laziness is set up…. I was the person who never…ever…ev-er made the bed. I spend so much time in this bed, (working, storytime with the kids, changing the kids diapers/clothes, my own QT when the kids are down etc.) it always gets more messed up throughout the day. I just never saw the point. I don’t know what flipped in me, but for the last month or two I’ve been making my bed when I get up….ok i’m lying it’s really shortly after my first coffee. I’ve got to say, there’s something about a tidy bed that makes the rest of the room look pulled together, even if there are duplo blocks and hot wheels strewn everywhere (or a messy pile of books/journals on the nightstand). Makes ME feel more pulled together too!

tower of toy trucks

I threw away my kids toys

A full post is coming about this, but I tossed out so many of the children’s toys and they didn’t even bat an eye. This made my life easier, the playroom and bedroom is much easier to tidy up, I find less random junky plastic crap littered around my house and I get the satisfaction of seeing the children really use the pieces they have often and for longer clips of time instead of jumping from one blinking, beeping plastic piece to the next every two seconds. #momwins

I joined my husband on his diet (ish)

We are a fairly low carb family, but we had a carb day each week. John lost over 50lbs back in 2012 on Atkins and he’s starting it again with the induction phase. So, no weekly carb day. I joined him (not on induction, F that!) and got serious about cutting out my carbs again (so no finishing Ro’s mac and cheese, no fun sweet creamers in my coffee) only getting my carbs from some fruits in my smoothies, and all my veggies. No bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal, potatoes, desserts, sugary yogurts, etc.  Can I explain to you how much I miss ramen? Nice results so far tho. In just 2 weeks, without changing anything about my workout routine (actually, working out slightly less) my belly went down a noticeable amount. #i’mhereforthis And, John feels supported which is a big deal.

laundry monster

I stopped doing so much laundry

Laundry was a daily affair in my house. I felt like it kept it from getting piled up and looming over me. I recently switched to just doing it once a week (ok like 9 days really) and I love it. I don’t have to deal with clothes each day, and on the one day that I do bang it out, I get to feel super productive! We also get to wear some of the clothes that normally wouldn’t get worn because we’d keep washing and wearing the same few. I learned that we still all have entirely too much clothes, no matter how much I continue to pare down. (These kids are outgrowing everything like weeds tho…so even better that everything is now getting worn more.)

I stopped trying to do work during the day

This was a big deal.(And I really fought against it hard) My kids just don’t allow for me to get any real work done. They just require too much. So I use their nap time and night time after they’re down for good for office hours. I was stressing myself out needlessly, feeling all anxious and unproductive because of how scattered my attempts at working during the day were. Why?! I got zero done… so if I’m getting zero done anyway, might as well just give my kids 100%. This makes me more productive with house and kid stuff, and feel like supermommy. Plus I focus so much harder when I do have my work time.

selfie in gym locker room

I share my day more…

I thought I was pretty transparant overall but I’ve never been the “gym selfie” girl. I share about my kids, mention foods and workouts etc. which I thought made me fairly open about my lifestyle. But in the last week or two I started sharing my daily smoothies on Facebook, and some of the clean food I’m eating and the response is really great for biz. I’ve gotten a lot more chemistry call requests, and requests for coaching and lots more beachbody inquiries.  I was always hesitant to share my food because it’s not pinteresty/instagram pretty (and will never be, I just don’t care that much about food styling for a photo, sorry.) But, people don’t mind my messy plates! So I’m going to keep sharing my day, my eats, my workouts… it’s fun for me, and good for business! win. win. (ps: that’s my first ever gym selfie above)

I signed up for a 5K

This will be only my second official race in my life. (outside of my track&field days in HS and college) I’m running the SunFest TGI5K with my cousin (And a FitNoire inspired team! squee! JOIN US if you’re in South Florida!) Excited would be an understatement. It’s given me more fire to my workouts, and my cousin who doesn’t work out regularly, is now doing a couch to 5k program and I’m joining her for it. I always love having a goal (outside of the eternal desire for abs lol) to work towards!!

I rehired our cleaning service

This was actually on my goals list for the year lol. That’s how much this meant to me. Life is so much better when your most hated/dreaded tasks are outsourced. I’m happier now that I know someone that is not Danielle Marie will be scouring the place down. Saves me so much time and headache. I no longer have to nag John to help me or get annoyed when he doesn’t. And I let go of my “it has to be done exactly this way” and just allow the help. Allow! (I actually have that on my bracelet right now)  Anyway, I don’t have to scrub and toil and…It’s glorious.


Have you made any small changes for big impact lately?!


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Iris Kirkland

Tuesday 15th of March 2016

The laundry thing is something I go back and forth with. I literally decided to go back to washing a load a day, like yesterday. It's all about trying to find that perfect spot for you. I hate housework. God knows it's a daunting task for me that seems to take up way too much time. Girl, I am so ready for a house cleaning service.


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

You're absolutely right. It's a personal balance we gotta strike....with the demon called laundry.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Loved reading this! Your writing style is pretty awesome. You make me wanna have have my own little family to implement your tips. LOL! #BLMgirl


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

Thanks Omi!!! Get crackin on building your lil munchkins :) You don't have to put #blmgirl I remember you and your pretty IG page :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.