Why My Personal Assistant Would Quit on Day One #nablopomo

PA Quit

Today’s Nablopomo Prompt:

If you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?

Timely question, as I’m looking for a VA for annoying biz stuff right now. I want someone who will handle all the tedious, boring, non-creative and yucky stuff for me.

In Biz, and in Life.

I’d not be able to get by with just a PA though. I’d need a Personal Assistant, a Chef, a Maid and a part-time, in-home Nanny at the very least.  I told you here how we got rid of our cleaning service, let me tell you, I miss Delmy more than I miss my mama rightabout now.

Seriously, I’d skip the PA and just bring Delmy back. Cleaning sucks. People who enjoy it are like magical unicorns and I will never understand how they are wired, but I admire them for it. I do it because it must be done, but I dislike it. (Tho for a brief moment in time I didn’t hate it….sadly, the moment has passed.)

But back to the prompt.

If I had a PA right now… I’d have him or her: 

  • do the random tax, billing, accounting crap I need to get done
  • wipe down all the toys in the playroom and throw out the junky ones
  • do all the back SEO on old blog posts and pics here on OKDani
  • organize the garage
  • do all the little shopping/errands: returning library books, home depot runs, etc
  • dye my hair a fun color every month
  • go through my OKDani email inbox for legitimate emails and delete all the crap ones
  • draft out the family calendar for 2016 including travel, events, etc
  • pitch to companies on my behalf and serve as my own personal PR Company
  • …..clean the house every other day
  • watch Ro and Kai for a couple hours so I could hit the gym
  • organize all my random contacts and photos
  • make dinner….nightly
  • take dictation of all my written projects because Dragon has forsaken me time and time again.
  • tell me “you is smart, you is kind, you is important” every few hours or whenever they see me frowning.

They would quit. 

So fast.

And then I’d cry.

I seriously would love someone to come do all of that…yes, including the last one.. but that’s not realistic now is it? (At least…not on my budget…for now)

But SERIOUSLY, I am looking for a VA to handle admin/social media tasks for OKDani and FitNoire.com so if you do this, or know someone, have them email their resume or CV to dani@okdani.com. The pay is shit, but the boss is cool. (ok, cool-ish.)

What would you have a personal assistant handle for you?



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