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Stellar Awards Reminded Me Make Space for the Divine

Easter Sunday is a day that usually begins in church for most people but for us it ended in church when we watched the stellar awards on BET last night. The music and performances were awesome and the fashion had me wishing I had a stylist. It was a beautiful reminder of dreams able to come true through hard work dedication, talent…. and faith in a higher power doesn’t hurt either. I also got a personal reminder to “make room” for that higher power to do his/her/its work.

Now, I don’t listen to gospel music as much as I did as a kid when going to church with my aunts, though I still know Kirk Franklin’s old live album “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin” by heart….word for word… and will bump it crazy loud in my car at random. (He Reigns was/is my joint!) I dont know what it is about that album, but the energy just realigns me.

The Stellar awards, sponsored by ATT and aired on BET, honors stars of gospel and was filled with praise, fellowship and performances from voices that gave me goosebumps. Kelly Price in her tribute to Aretha would give you goosies too. Actually…Kelly Price singing ANYTHING would.

Check out The Stellar Awards Instagram Page HERE to see all the winners from last night. The big winner, a young man named Jonathan McReynolds was a big winner with Male Vocalist, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year for his album: Make Room.

When I saw that he won for the album Make Room it kind of gave me pause. I felt like the universe was talking to me, reminding me to make room for the divine in all I do, and confirming to me that I’m on the right path with the clearing out, space-making and “room” that has happened as a result of the purging I’ve been doing. Making room, clearing space, etc is the first step in my manifestation process. It was like the Stellar Awards were giving me my own personal affirmation of my process:
Make room, and you will win.

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Did you watch the Stellar Awards last night?!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.