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Paco Delgado’s Beautiful Costuming from A Wrinkle In Time #wrinkleintimeevent

So, I love those reality shows where people have skills I don’t. (which is all of them, really) But especially stuff like singing, tattooing and designing. I love it because I know I’ll never have those talents and it’s just so fun to watch.

I was happy to hear we were interviewing the costume designer from A Wrinkle In Time, Paco Delgado. He was super sweet and cute and we got to find out a bit about the behind the scenes of the gorgeous clothes from the movie.

Since we all like pics more than words, #realtalk, here are some of the pieces:

We asked Paco a bit about how he designed costumes for inhuman beings and he told us:

Search the script for clues “Then you already know, Oprah’s character has to be energy.  And she’s a warrior. Then you already have there so much information.  The Reese, she is, like, very playful that you, you see the way she engages with the childrens, and the silly things that she says to the children… And then Mindy… She speaks with quotes from books. Then I thought, well, you know, this, this lady’s a superlibrarian of the universe.”



Who was more fun to dress?

That’s, that’s one of the most difficult questions ever.  Because it’s like when you have, like, children…Then, you know, they’re all my children, basically. But, I mean, they, they, they, they… All of them have a very different sort of, like, difficulty….For example, um, Oprah’s dresses, they were complex, because we were using a lot of materials…like, a lot of plastics, and a lot of, reflective,, metallic, fabrics.  And we used metals and glass beads, and, a lot of things that I never have used before.

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Photos provided by Disney Studios // *Interview photos by Louise Bishop

Disney invited me to attend the LA premiere of A Wrinkle in Time. Travel and accommodations were provided. These are MY opinions.




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