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Mind Right Monday: It’s Back!

Happy Monday!!!

I’ve been missing in my own damn link up for weeks now!!!  #tacky

DearDarrica has been holding down the fort for us on Mind Right Mondays. Go check her out (and tell her thank you for me?! LOL)

How was your weekend girls?!

Saturday was spent mostly at a car dealership, then I left John with the kids and had some child-free time at the mall. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night for the life of me and Sunday wasn’t feeling so great so just putzed around the house.

I had this long to do list for the weekend, and maybe 2 things got done.

From the weekend: 

curly kids on riding toy

Kaya and Roey were cute

interracial family wagon ride okdani blog

We took a nice family walk around the neighborhood with no meltdowns from either kid.

curly toddler haircut

I cut Ro’s hair some (still have more to go) but now, doesn’t he remind you of AC Slater from Saved by the Bell? 🙂

walking dead reaction mixed couple okdani blog

John and I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead last night…(I can’t watch gory parts, I have to look away) I can’t wait for October for it to come back.

My Goals for the Week: 

#1 Goal For the week:
Get caught up on blogging/writing projects

Make Editorial Calendar
Pitch Like Mad
Clean House & Do Laundry
Go Thru Kids Clothes
Finish Writing Guide
Work Out 4 Days minimum
Make Doc/Dentist Appts


Family and friends
General health and well being
Abraham Hicks
Making Money Online
Blogging at large
Florida weather
Plottin Plannin Schemin & Dreamin
Vacations coming up…kinda
Being pretty (yup. ::look::)
The interwebs
Sherold Barr, Shanda Sumpter and Marie Forleo

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.