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How to Become a Fitness Minimalist to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals


This minimalism lifestyle has really struck a cord with me. The other day, Kaya and I dropped off 5 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, bags and toys/baby gear for charity. I came home and immediately noticed more things that just had to go. In addition to clearing the clutter in my home, and digital life, I’m becoming a minimalist in other areas. My hair routine has been pared down even further (the huge chop helped!) and skin care routine is using products with as few ingredients as possible. Minimalism is sneaking its way into my fitness as well.

It’s just making my life easier to be a Fitness Minimalist.

Here are a few ideas on how to start Fitness Minimalism in your daily life to reach your health and wellness goals:

Minimize your Meals

I don’t mean eating less, or even eating more simply prepared foods (both of which would be clutch for your weight loss/fitness goals tho) I just mean minimize your choices in meals. The goal with cozy minimalism is to simplify and feel good about it. So don’t pare down to just beans and water or anything crazy restrictive. Just choose your favorite healthy meals you enjoy preparing and repeat them frequently. This eases the hassle of meal planning, meal prep, and grocery shopping. You’ll be able to eat healthier more often and with less issues that lead to fast food or other unhealthy choices.

This is really changing my life. I’ve been eating the same few meals over and over and over. (OK Full disclosure this goes out the window the full week before aunt Flo, #ijs) There are a few staples we count on as a family and it’s just so easy to do and makes a big difference in stress level.

Make Workout Clothes a No-brainer

Well, most of my clothing is workout gear…I tend to wear them to work out and end up wearing them all day until I get a shower at the kids’ naptime or at night. (Don’t be like me.) Have a few quality pieces on hand that fit well and make you feel secure and comfortable. Keep them in the same drawer or area of your closet. Have them all work well together so you can easily grab and go for your workouts without having to dig through for matching items.

Remember, simplifying is the goal. If you feel good in what you’re wearing to exercise and don’t have to work hard to get there, you’ll work out more often. #noexcuses

Reassess Your Workouts

Take a look at your workout routine. Are you going to the gym and dreading it each morning? Maybe switch to at-home workouts that can save you time (and gas money). Are you doing lots of cardio but no weights? Figure a way to add it in. A solid routine should allow for cardio, strength and flexibility. Perhaps it’s time to sell or donate your unused workout equipment that’s cluttering your home and do workouts that use body weight and require no equipment.

The key here is: Make sure your workouts fit your schedule, your personality, and your current lifestyle. Doing a workout you dread, or one that was convenient when you were at your old job….that’s not fitness minimalism. Pare down the drama, pare down the stress and you’ll notice your excuses for not working out will be pared down as well.

I’ve been going for efficiency in my workouts lately. I don’t have too much time to work out and I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I already do. Orangetheory Fitness classes were a lifesaver in the past. They were super efficient. Just one hour 3 days a week and I got my cardio and weights in. Now, I’m not able to hit Orangetheory up. I now work out at home and get cardio in at my local gym’s treadmill or a nearby park.

Don’t Chase The Fads

Pick your workout routine, schedule, style, type… and stick with it. Find your exercise soulmate! New workouts are popping up all over. Resist the urge to buy the latest equipment you see advertised, or try the new local class. Know what works for you and stick with that for simplicity’s sake.

While I was previously doing a “trendy” boutique workout, I also still had my gym membership and use it for my tried and true workouts. I’ve been receiving (and happily ignoring) ads in the mail and online for barre classes, crossfit, and boot camps. I may try them in the future, but for now I’m keeping it simple with what I know is working well for me and my schedule.

Easy Logging

Logging workouts is crucial for motivation as well as seeing your ongoing progress with your fitness and wellness goals. Make it easy to stick to, and fit into your life. If you’re a digital person you can log your meals/workouts online or on many apps on your phone. If you’re a paper and pen person just pop the notes into your daily planner or even on your wall calendar. The simpler the better. (I love the Clever Fox Planner for this!)

This is something I’ve done forever. I have to keep my records of workouts, but I know if I create an elaborate system I’ll get overwhelmed or get unhealthily obsessive. For me, an easy system of simply checking off the day on the calendar, or quickly jotting down miles or what workout I completed is best. This way you don’t need a separate planner (but if you want one, check out the ones below) and you dont have to…think. LOL #minimalistthinking

Those are just a few of the ways you can become a fitness minimalist. It just makes life easier, lowers your stress, and removes your roadblocks to working out or eating well. Best of luck on your journey!!

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Do you think you’ll become a Fitness Minimalist?

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Thursday 10th of December 2020

doing less and achieving equal results! sound good to me. Thanks for the post.

Barbara Rodriguez

Thursday 4th of July 2019

I haven’t gone before but know people who have and love it! I was highly considering it, but I think I’m interested in a more high-impact format! Great thinking.

Shambhawi Mishra

Friday 7th of June 2019

Thank you for sharing such valuable information. I will definitely try to reassess my workouts as my body has become used to the same kind of exercise over time.


Tuesday 13th of February 2018

How do you get your nutrients, if you are eating the same few things all of the time?


Thursday 15th of February 2018

Great question: I eat nutritious foods, and I take a multivitamin.


Tuesday 6th of December 2016

Great tips! I'm definitely a proponent for at-home workouts. I love it! I also love the idea of not following fad and doing workouts that you truly enjoy. #blmgirls


Wednesday 7th of December 2016

Thanks margo!! Hey BLMGirls Sister! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.