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Fit Fridays: Strong Not Skinny Edition


Oh…hello…how are you Fit Fridays…I haven’t seen you in a while…

I’ve been doing well, thank you for asking!

I’m eating less carbs overall which is making my stomach go down. HALLELUJAH!!!

My exercising is more regular, and I’m making less excuses about working out! * this is a…BIG DEAL!*

I’ve been running and doing various Jillian videos and my new besties: those fitnessblender videos.

Also I started doing a little quickie workout when I wake up: crunches, squats, pushups. A lil “jailhouse” workout to start my day. … ok, lemme stop frontin’ I did that like 6 times….I haven’t made it a true habit yet.

What I’ve noticed is that even though my stomach is starting to go down, and my weight is down (3lbs away from pre-preggo weight, holla!) I am so de-conditioned and laughably weak. My endurance is slowly starting to get better, but now I want to get STRONGER.

May is a crazy month for the OKDani household, but I’m going to try to get some more strength training mixed into my days. And….*GULP*…. my mouth went dry even as I am going to type this. but…. I’m going to start taking Roey to the gym with me and leaving him in the sitter place there. *tear* I can’t keep doing my gymming around John’s schedule. I’ll never get in shape this way.

So I’m going to bite the bullet, and trust these people…ish….I know I’m gunna be the mom to like…run 1/2 a lap then go peek in, then run another 1/2 a lap then go peek. ::hides face::

How have your workouts and eating habits been?

Have a great weekend girls!!

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Saturday 4th of May 2013

Congrats on getting closer to your pre-wedding weight! I knew you could do it. I'm just trying to sculpt and tone now, myself. I do have a couple of trips to the DR and Miami coming up so maybe I should get on that. A girlfriend of mine who is in amazing shape says distance runs are the best combined with conditioning/cross-training 3-4x per week.

Way easier said than done, but I only have a few weeks left!

Keep it Dani!


Saturday 4th of May 2013

My schedule has been so our of wack lately, that I feel like I am starting from scratch. I need to try that bailout workout, but I know I am going to have problems with that--I have to imagine me doing those workouts before I actually do them, sounds crazy right?

I am so very happy about your progress and if I used the gym sitter I'll be spin the same thing too!

Candice Selby

Friday 3rd of May 2013

LOL @ you peeking in at Roey every 1/2 lap! I'm sure he'll be fine but, I would probably feel the same way honestly.

My workouts have not been consistent at all. I've been extremely stressed lately and it is SO hard for me to workout when I feel like that :-/ I'm getting better though. I've been eating pretty clean too. Just gotta stay away from these sweets -_-

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.