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Wedding Weekend: October 9, 2010 – The Big Day (Part 2)

We couldn’t get out of that hotel room.  We both kept remembering little things we forgot…including the license. But we finally got downstairs and met everyone for our photos…But…I noticed a couple extra people there.

Now, this was to be a tiny intimate wedding.  Just John and I, my parents and brother, John’s mom, brother and sister in law.

Why did John’s sister-in-law’s parents show up?  Why did they invite themselves to the wedding of a woman they’ve never met and a man they met once ten years ago and haven’t spoken to since?

I was LIVID.  But I had to keep on a happy face.  John knew nothing of it either and he was pissed.  Turns out, Tom (John’s bro) told them about the wedding and they invited themselves…and Tom didn’t man up and disinvite them, nor did he tell me and John they’d be barging in.



He’s on my shit list.

We went with the photographer I hired to the Vegas sign and took some pics.  And then went over to Bellagio/Paris to take more, but we were running so late at this point that we only got a few there.  I’m kinda upset about that. 

Here are some my brother took:

Back to our hotel to get our limo out to the ceremony location and get everyone into their cars to follow us out there.  Our photographer is from Vegas and had directions so she left before the limo.  (fyi, that was some foreshadowing for your ass….just you wait)  We get onto the highway 15 mins behind schedule, not bad….but….oh wait….what’s that up ahead?  A 5 car accident? (no fatalities or major injuries, thank God)
We are in standstill traffic….for…an….hour…and…change…..

You know I’m freaking out.

John was AMAZING.  He kept me from slitting Ronney’s (our driver) throat, crying my makeup away, and running down the highway to the ceremony location.  He helped me stay calm, and kept me on lovey dovey mode instead of curse everyone involved with ruining our day mode. He was really superJohn all day actually.  Made the necessary phone calls, kept everyone (somewhat) organized.  I really appreciated it.

We spent a nice chunk of our day sitting in this Limo and just talking.  I kept crying and just feeling so overwhelmed with love for him.  Im such a punk!

how sexy does my man look in this pic

We got to the ceremony location an hour and a half late.  Our officiant (who looked like a weird elvis and made my day because I secretly wanted to be married by elvis) and the ceremony photographer were still there waiting for us, and though the photographer was like c’mon let’s hurry, the officiant was not super rushy, and gave us a sweet yet not too mushy ceremony. 

Now, despite his non-mushiness…I was crying the whole way through this thing!  I laughcried when John whipped out his blackberry to read his vows on.  And I was crying so much I couldn’t finish my vows.  I just couldn’t get it together.  John cried too!  And, he got on one knee to put my wedding band on! I cracked up and may or may not have crylaughsnorted.  We’ll see when the dvd arrives. 

OK the ceremony is over, the package photographer does his thing and takes the required photos, and now it’s time for pics with the photographer I hired….but…wait….where is she??  She never showed up to the ceremony location!!!  She didn’t call at all during the hour and a half we were stuck in traffic trying to get out to the Valley of Fire.  She didn’t call at all during the late ceremony time.

We drive back to town and I see I missed a few of her calls (all were well after the late ceremony had begun) saying she was lost and couldln’t find the location etc etc…I was too happy and loveydovey and feeling my new marriedness to even care to deal with her at this point….but now that it’s a few days later, I’m pissed!

The great thing about being stuck in traffic is that we got to the valley in time for sunset.  It was beautiful.  I can’t wait to see the pro photos of that sunset behind John and I all decked out in our wedding gear.  I thank GOD I didn’t cheap out and say I didn’t want the company’s ceremony photographer because I would be 100% screwed and photo-less.

We went to Top of the World for dinner.  The food was good, the service was great, and the views were AMAZING.  The restaurant spins slowly, so you get a 360degree view of the strip and all of Las Vegas.  It was really beautiful.  More pics from my brother:

Dinner went smoothly, except for some embarrassing comments from the wife in the “extra” couple.  I won’t get into it here, but I felt bad for Julie (John’s sis n law) who was obviously embarrassed about her mom’s behavior.  Conversation flowed and there was lots of laughter and everyone enjoyed their meals too.

Nothing could have ruined my mood at that point though.  Ever since the ceremony I was just on cloud 9.  In a magical little love bubble with just me and Johnny snuggling and kissing and giggling and holding hands and just being sickeningly sweet.

We had plans of dancing, of playing some craps, of going to a lounge for coffee and dessert…..but we ended up just going home and straight to bed.  I almost fell asleep in my dress.

It was a perfect day.  I LOVED our ceremony and I’m just so grateful we did it our way instead of the traditional way.  It was very us, and I’m so happy to be a Mrs.  (even if i’m a hyphenated Mrs.)

Coming up next, Day 1 of the “honeymoon”  or as John calls it “the shit show”

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Lady Jennie

Thursday 25th of August 2011

All I could think was - which is worse - to be stuck in stand-still traffic for an hour on your wedding day? Or to be stuck in stand-still traffic for an hour on the West Side Highway when you're in labor. Cuz I was, dat.

But I think I would seriously NOT want to be stuck in traffic on my wedding day.


Thursday 25th of August 2011

Oh my GOD!!!! No, laboring in traffic...way worse. HOLY MOLY!!!!

Dani @ OK, Dani

Sunday 24th of October 2010

Lol!! hey anonymous :)


Sunday 24th of October 2010

found pitcha!

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