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Wedding Weekend: Saturday, October 9, 2010 – The Big Day (Part 1)

This may be a long post, warning you in advance.
I also warn you, that there will be negatives in this post, I’m writing all the good bad and ugly, but honestly, even though I’m sharing these negatives here, the whole day was just amazing and perfect.  And everything happened as it should.  John and I were together almost the whole day and it was just so filled with love……ok anyway, on to the recap.

Remember that fabulous timeline I had prepared for the wedding day?
Yeah…about that….::scratching head::

Here was the plan:
9:00 – breakfast alone with John

11:00 – pick up bouquet and boutinere (or loose flowers to wrap and pin)
12:00 – makeup and hair folks arrive to make me pretty
1:30 – Mommy helps me with dressing
2:00 – Kasey comes and shoots John and I around the Strip
3:45 – Limo comes to take John and I to the Valley of Fire
5:00 – Wedding Ceremony followed by photos in the Valley of Fire
7:30 – Dinner at Mix with my Husband, Mom, Dad, Garrison (brother), Mary (MIL), Tom (BIL) and Julie (SIL)
Here’s what really happened!

I woke up from shotty, tossy turny sleep at about 6am.

I looked over at John snoring peacefully and immediately got emotional.  (it was going to be one of those mega-tear-filled days…for various reasons)

Got up, and decided I needed to rewrite my vows.  I went down to starbucks and got to work.  When I finished I was a blubbering tearstained mess, but I knew that those words must be right.

Back upstairs we dressed and headed to my parent’s hotel to collect Garrison and go to breakfast.  We went to Hooters (appropriate for me and my fiance to take my 14 year old brother there on my wedding morning, I know)  and ate at the Mad Onion.  Typical diner fare but filling.

We went to Vons where I bought 2 dozen roses ($9.99 each) to make my bouquet and john’s boutonniere and then I got freaked out about the time and made John drop me back at the hotel while he went to pick up his tuxedo and hung out with my bro a lil more.  It was Gar’s first time in Vegas so John drove him up and down the strip to take pics after they got his tux.

So, remember in yesterday’s post, I said a lot went wrong on the wedding day?

Exhibit A
At 11:30 the makeup/hair stylist team arrives. (Note: we scheduled for 12 noon – but whatevs)
They were super sweet and fun…but once I saw the final product, I wanted to kill myself. (hey, I can exaggerate, it’s my story)

Here’s my before:

Now….Remember THIS POST where I showed you my inspirations for hair and makeup?  Well, I showed the hair/makeup artists too….and this is what I got instead:

sadly, this is after i started wiping away makeup, i wish i got a shot with it all still fully caked on
why is there a bun on the side of my head?

 I felt like a brokedown tranny with an old jacked up wig made of plastic barbie hair. 
I don’t know how you can style hair and make it frizzier than how you found it, but somehow he did.  ::sigh:: 

Also, I asked to have it pulled back away from my face, half up ponytail and curly….I got none of the above.  I asked him to fix it, and he said they were in a rush to the next bride they had.  I wanted to stab them both but instead I just let them out of my room, and cried.

Posting these now, it’s hard to see the difference in the photos LOL but it was a stark difference in person, if John could even tell, that means it’s serious.

I suck at doing makeup but I had to take off the fiftyleven layers of crap he piled on and make myself look presentable.  I had no time to fix my hair though.  I really felt awful about it, because I’m a hair person, for ME to not have awesome hair on my wedding day, was just heartbreaking.  (i know it’s a small thing but…it was big in the moment)

I made my bouquet and John’s boutonniere without any issues, thankfully.  And I was super proud of myself too since I never had before and mainly cuz we got a buncha compliments on them. hehe

These pics are from the end of the day, but they still look kinda ok 🙂

Next thing that went wrong, was my mom and dad were running late.  She had a curling iron and I was going to just curl the back of my hair to make it look a lil better…she was also going to help me into my dress and tie the corset back.  They arrived late for photos, so I had to go as is hair-wise (I decided I would just keep my veil on all day to hide the horrendous back), and John had to do up my dress.

This provided lots of comic relief at least.  I was alternating between laughing at how softly he was pulling the corset, and crying because I feared I’d have to hold my dress up all day (irrational, i know) and being pissed at my mom for being late.

(sidebar: john is always overly careful with me and always thinks he’s going to break me! he’s always extra gentle when I ask him to do anything that requires touching me, but during his sleep he pushes me, whacks his arm on my head, knees me, crushes me…it’s so weird….and painful)

At one point John said “you’re just going to have to keep pulling your dress up all day because I’m not making that thing any tighter.”  I had an ally mcbeal moment where I went upside his head with the shoe I was holding.  Then I burst into tears.  That worked I guess cuz in the end I convinced john to pull hard no matter if he thought it was going to hurt me.  And I didn’t have to tug on my dress all day!

Finally we were both dressed and ready.  In the end we both looked fab over all.  Actually, I’d never seen John look so handsome.

We went downstairs to meet everyone for photos around the strip…and were met with quite a shocker.

More to come….
Question: what did you do with your wedding bouquet? I think I’m going to dry mine out so I can keep it, any other ideas?

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Monday 27th of February 2012

omw. i can't believe your hubby actually dressed you on your wedd day. talk about non traditional!

Dani @ OK, Dani

Thursday 14th of October 2010

It was a rollercoaster Reicha! lol

Lol skeeta, everything was "extra" on that morning


Wednesday 13th of October 2010

I threw my bouquet away cause I thought keeping it was gross but I did keep the ribbon that was around it. Best line ever "I felt like a brokedown tranny with an old jacked up wig made of plastic barbie hair. "

LOL such an exaggeration bcause u looked gorg but still hilarious


Wednesday 13th of October 2010

wow, Sounds like you were on an emotional rollercoaster. I didn't ask you all the details b/c I knew you would be sharing them here. I didn't want you to have repeating the story! lol

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