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Wedding Beauty

Well, I told you guys HERE that I’m not a makeupey girl.  My daily face is just moisturizer with clear lipgloss and run out the door.  When I’m trying to be cute I’ll put on eyeliner and mascara too, but nothing more.

So on my wedding day, I was thinking, do I want to be made up all gorgeous and glamourous like it’s a photoshoot or do I want to look like Danielle, but just a lil more polished and with nice even skin?

Big decision.  I want to make John go “WOW” but I don’t want to look completely unlike my usual self.

Here are some makeup inspirations:

I think I’ll show her these pics and ask for neutral colors, defined eyes and not too much cheek action.


As for hair. I know I want it half up for sure.  And curly (barrel curls not my natural curls)….  But that’s about all I got.  I’ll have a veil in the top bit half the time though.

Here are some wedding hairstyles I like:

I figure I’ll ask for half up curly with some volume on top and see what the stylist comes up with.

What do you gurls think? You’re all way more beauty savvy than I am. Any ideas?  Help!

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Mommy to ♥Pickle and SugarPlum♥

Saturday 9th of October 2010

Sounds like everyone agrees that you should play up your natural beauty, and accentuate accordingly...for the makeup AND the hair!

There are so many fun ways you can go with the up-do (1/2 up-do), and you can ask your stylist to give you some options...or samples of prior styles she has done for similar requests! The curls will be absolutely elegant, and you are going to be a stunning bride, no matter what you end up choosing!

Do plenty of practice sessions, if needed, until you find "THE" look you want. Or wing it, and decide the day of! Either way, just be yourself, and you will take his breath away.


Friday 8th of October 2010

I'm late on this one... sorry!

I definitely think that if you don't look like yourself on your wedding day, you'll wish later that you had. BUT, with that said, it's also your day to be glamorous!

Make a list of your best feature (or two) that you love most and ask the make-up artist to play those up! I'm sure you'll look fabulous!

Along the same lines of "look like yourself", I would say that also applies with hair. No one wears an up to in real life, and I'm a big believe in simple elegance. I like your examples of hair... those are DEFINITELY elegant and will look great with a veil!

Dani @ OK, Dani

Friday 8th of October 2010

thanks for the input and help ladies!

Laura Si

Friday 8th of October 2010

I love the curly hairstyles!! I would play up your eyes and leave the rest simple and polished just like the other girls said. With all the pictures that are going to be taken and he will be WOWed no matter what you come up with :)


Friday 8th of October 2010

I like the 2nd and 3rd of the curly hairstyles. You'll want more makeup on your wedding day b/c of the stress of the day, which wears the makeup off, and the photos, if you're doing a professional photographer. But I agree about the cheeks! Those are what can look overdone.

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