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TV’s Best Weight Loss Reality Shows

best weight loss reality shows - - These are the best weight loss motivation reality shows on tv today

As someone who’s big into health and fitness I admit I love weight-loss reality shows. I really do. They’re so inspiring, and also feed my reality show addiction while still being positive. (I can’t stand the reality shows that just show people looking like idiots for no reason.) I prefer competition shows. If you’re displaying a talent I’ll never have like on Inkmaster, Top Chef or Project Runway, I’m all in. These days I watch shows on demand at random times and have discovered a few new health/fitness shows to enjoy:

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

This show follows the obese contestant over a year, working with a trainer for 90 days and then on their own. The trainer actually lives with them for a while at the beginning of their journey and then leaves them to continue with what they learned. It’s a full year of focusing on fitness and then if the contestant reaches a certain weight goal, they  are given surgery for their loose skin. Crazy. Over the year we see the person shrink, but also see the mental and emotional struggles and changes as well. It’s inspiring to see the ups and downs, the accomplishments and bouts of self doubt that the person goes through. It’s very relatable seeing the self sabotage, the excuses, and also the overcoming of it, and the new mindset that evolves as the person sees results and breakthroughs.

My Diet is Better than Yours

First off… my ex is on this show. Outside of that… it’s pretty interesting and I’d like to see how it ends up. Contestants lose weight by following the diet plan of an expert, and then whoever loses most weight each week wins. This is a newer show, and I’m watching on demand so I’m not up to date. A twist is coming, in that the contestants now have to continue their prescribed diet plan without their expert. I love that this show is happening in the real world. With Extreme Makeover, the people are taking off of work for a year to change their life. In My Diet is Better than Yours, we see the contestants going to work, dealing with their children, and attending events. It’s great to see how a variety of people do life while trying to make health and fitness a higher priority.

Fit to Fat to Fit

This is my new favorite. I’ve only seen 3 episodes but boy oh boy I’m loving it so far. The premise is, that personal trainers who are super fit, can’t truly understand their obese patients because they haven’t been in their position before. So, trainers agree to gain a bunch of weight for 4 months, and then lose it along side their new client.

When I saw the commercial I was like…this is some bull. But after watching the first two episodes I was hooked. It’s incredible to see the trainers change their mindsets in such a major way, just by stopping their usual normal habits. Their energy levels, esteem, word choices, behavior, self image etc all skews downward. There’s a somewhat depressive state that comes over them. And they see how the unhealthy food choice is so easy to make and can become an addiction very easily.

The trainers then diet and exercise along with their clients and everyone loses weight, improves their mindset, rah rah. But you can tell that the trainers do have a new perspective on dealing with clients that have a lot of weight to lose.

(My only criticism – These trainers already know what it feels like, looks like, tastes like to be fit, healthy, make the better food choice, wake up at 5am to work out etc. So getting back in shape is a lot easier for them. It’s just a matter of getting back on the horse. Whereas, the contestant never has done this before. Everything is new and they don’t have the “oh yeah, I can do this, I’ve done this before” mindset to help them through.

The Biggest Loser

This is the OG of fitness shows and isn’t new at all. I have watched The Biggest Loser on and off ever since it started. Loved me some Jillian and Bob. That program has gotten so huge. Jillian has myriad products and programs and now has her own reality show, Bob has books and programs all over as well. The brand itself has loads of books, apps, sites, programs.. It’s HUGE.

If you’re not familiar, contestants go to a weight loss ranch where they are put into groups and work with a trainer, learn about healthy eating, exercise super hard and compete in challenges as a group. They are weighed each week and the members of the group that lost the least % of weight, vote out a member. (That’s what I have always disliked about the show. Voting goes by popularity or friends versus, you lost the least weight, you go home.)

I was a Biggest Loser devotee when it first started, but now I only watch the first two and last two episodes of each season. Just to see the participants’ journeys. The show feels…different to me now.

What are your favorite fitness shows?

the best weight loss reality shows on television - - watch these reality tv shows for weight loss motivation

TVs Best Weight Loss Reality Shows - - Get weight loss inspiration and fitness motivation from reality tv.... no for real!

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Monday 8th of February 2016

I love fitness shows! I've never seen Fit to Fat to Fit. Where does it air?

Sara Jarrar

Friday 14th of September 2018

On A&E channel, its amazing


Sunday 21st of February 2016

I love fit to fat to fit! It's my new fave! It comes on AE Tues nights 10 pm eastern

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