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Join the 52 Book Challenge! #52booksin2016


So I’m on my way to the mall when I just kinda felt “over it” and didn’t want to drive there, deal with parking, or people, or noise. I looked at my co-pilot Kai in the back seat and asked her if we should go home. She said “read book mommy?” which I translated to “Hey mom, screw the mall, you can return that crap anytime. Let’s go to the library instead.”

She’s a wise young sage.

I ODed at the library and hauled home a big ol’ sack of books….not including the ones for the kids… and so… the 52 Book Challenge was born!

The challenge is simply to read 52 books in 2016. Ideally, a book a week, but if you want to do more or less, go for it. I love to read and it’ll be my procrastination and relaxation tool of choice for the year. If I go at the pace I’m going, I’ll read 75+, but my goal is just 52, so if I go weeks without reading, I’ll be OK.

I announced the challenge on Instagram a few weeks ago and got a great response. Lots of folks doing the 52 book or 26 book challenge. Some folks committed to 12 books for 2016 and some, like my girl over at Yummommy are doing over 100 in 2016! *COUGH*showoffs*COUGH* 🙂

So far I’ve read:

Millions Within (ok it was an audio book. leave me alone – I got this deal on audible and lost my mind) This one I’ll have to listen to again and again. It’s a great mindset book. I’m opening myself up to a wealth mindset and this book was really great for that. (Another one I love for getting your moneymind right is Get Rich Lucky Bitch -it’s free on Kindle)


I Will Teach You To Be Rich (also free on Kindle) by Ramit Sethi who I absolutely love. (book wasn’t anything we didn’t already know if we followed him, but it was nice to read a book in a conversational personality-filled tone.) In the whole book I learned one thing: Your credit card company has trip insurance for you if you get sick and cant make your flight. They’ll cover the airline change fees for you! I never knew that!!! I knew they covered car insurance for you when you’re renting, but trip insurance too!? #wholenewworld  Call your card to be sure.

I am now reading….ok…listening to… The Map by Boni Lonsburry because I LOVE law of attraction books to just continuously remind me and keep me going in a great direction. It is just pouring love and good feels all over me today! Her voice is perfect for the message.

I recently started but didn’t finish some others that I wont bother including until I finishe them up (the pics are on Instagram if you care)

And quickly burned through these two:

blah money books

(wouldn’t really recommend either one unless you know exactly zero about money in which case it’ll be a good quick read)

I have so many books I want to read on my list… Shonda’s book, The Tidying Up Book, and… I actually want to read a book about butts. It’s Brett Contreras’ Glutes Book. Which has info on building muscle all over and a workout program to get super fit/strong/flexible. I think I’ll try it after I finish Hammer & Chisel (which I start on Monday!) I digress…

Also have to read my e-friend and fellow coach, Brandy Butler’s book that I bought the day it came out…and forgot to load into my Kindle. I was on the plane headed to Vegas ready to whip it out and read….and realized I never put it on my daggone device. #disappointed.
Anywaaay…Here’s my list:

What books are on your list?

Will you take on the 52 Books in 2016 challenge??!

(affiliate links abound all up and down this post. That means if you buy I get some coins. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a thing.)

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K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

Thursday 28th of January 2016

Year of Yes is on my TBR list as well. Everybody has been raving about it and I can't wait to check it out for myself. Super excited to be a part of the 52 Book Challenge!


Monday 25th of January 2016

YES!! I am so in! I've read two so far this year, I need to remember to track them.


Monday 25th of January 2016

I'm in! Well, I had already set my goal for the year...12 with room to read more! This includes reading for fun, personal development and business development. Let's read!

Katherine G

Monday 25th of January 2016

I would love to join this challenge. I love to read. One of my favorite past times.


Saturday 23rd of January 2016

Your challenge is way bigger than mine. My goal is a book a month, but it can't be for my dissertation. I'm finishing up Year of Yes for January and deciding between Money Making Mom and Total Money Makeover for February.

Oh and I just started listening to Queen Sugar on Audible because I got that same deal :)


Sunday 24th of January 2016

I'm loving audible right now! I'm gunna look into money making mom.... thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.