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Keeping Winter Colds Away With @FlKidCare!! #flkidcare #ad

(Kaya is demonstrating the “Vampire Sneeze” technique)

Let me tell you what kindergarteners are: gross little germ machines, that’s what! When Ro first started school, he came home with colds and tummy issues galore. We had to ramp up our diligence about keeping him healthy, so he doesn’t bring home bugs for his sister (and the rest of us) to catch.

We wash hands like it’s our job

Unfortunately, my kids like washing their hands so much that they spend a lot of time doing it and making a mess in the bathroom, but that’s better than not washing hands at all. Clean hands means less chance of spreading cold and flu germs all around the house.

We have the doc on speed dial

We have an awesome doctor not too far from our home who is kind of a big deal in South Florida. We have her on speed dial and I am grateful that her office can always accommodate us. She takes our insurance,  which is a plus. FYI for Florida families who don’t have health insurance, there is a great option called Florida KidCare. Florida KidCare provides low-cost health and dental insurance for families with low or even no income. Check them out here.

We take our multivitamins

My kids called their multivitamins, gummy bears. I’m trying to break that habit and remind them that these are vitamins and you can only take two at a time, but the point is they take their vitamins daily. This is one way we are sure to keep them healthy and out of the doctor’s office.

We vampire sneeze

I grew up hearing “cover your mouth when you sneeze!” but now we say vampire sneeze to remind children to sneeze into the crook of their elbow. Taking time to vampire sneeze makes sure that little hands stay spit-free and are less likely to share germs.

We get vitamin D

Getting some time outdoors is crucial for us. I am solar powered! Honestly, it’s a big part of why I moved to Florida, and I have noticed that the kids are solar powered too. We get some fresh air and sunshine so no vitamin D supplements are needed.

How do you keep the sickies away??

This post was sponsored by Florida Kid Care. The tips are all mine!

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The Blogger Next Dior

Monday 5th of March 2018

My daughter started daycare two weeks ago. Praying we can keep the germs at bay. Totally forgot about Florida Kidcare! I will look to see if I qualify. I doubt it since I'm a school teacher in Palm Beach County.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.