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The Magic Friendmaker

Big fat thank you to Kia for the beautiful Sorento loan. This random story, and the opinions within are all mine.

Do you remember the book The Magic Friendmaker? I remember reading it as a kid…I think it was about a rock that a little girl had and used it to make friends… ::shrug::

Making friends as an adult is weird. I am a friendly extrovert and I am very outgoing, but I’m also a “house mouse” as my aunt used to call me. My circle of friends has dwindled and transformed over the years. Now, my closest friends are those I met in the online/blogging space. It’s strange to me that women I have yet to meet in person are sharing our deepest darkests and keekeeing it up so intimately. But it’s also really cool.

I want to make IRL friends tho, even if not very close friendships. I’d like to have at least a loose circle in south Florida. I have 3 people in my area that I speak to. Three! And we don’t even speak regularly! (shame) We’ve got to do better. Anyhow, I made it my mission to expand my social circle in south Florida. I actually wrote it in my journal again a couple weeks ago.

Last week rolls around, and I am taking Rohan to his first days of kindergarten.*sob* I’m not dealing with car-line foolishness so we park in the neighboring middle school’s parking lot and walk over to the elementary. Lots of moms do this. So, as we’re walking on day one. Someone runs up behind me. Hey, is that a 2017?

I’m like… huh? yeah it’s 2017. August 14th. (thinking in my head, boy I’m a space cadet, but at least I know what year it is!) Then she laughs and goes, no the Sorento! And then I start to laugh. Derp!

I’ve been driving the Kia Sorento for the past 2 weeks and absolutely am in love with it. It’s my favorite car I’ve driven yet. (John loves it too, he’s even going to share about it here on the blog!) I have never in my life been asked about a car until that day. I was legit unprepared.

Here’s our convo:

Me: Oh! Yeah, 2017.

Her: How do you like it?

Me: I love it!

Her: Fully loaded?

Me: Ummm…What does that mean again?

Her: Like all the bells and whistles

Me: I….think so…yes.  It has lots of cool stuff and the coolest camera thing.

Her: Oh that’s good. How is it on gas?

Me: I don’t know…I think good? But Niro is way better on gas.

Her: OMG I was looking at the Niro too! Do you have one?

Me: Not anymore but it’s super cute and you can drive it for a million years without getting more gas.

Her: They look cute and my kids are out of car seats now so I don’t really need a big SUV yet.

Me: Definitely test drive one then. You’ll love it. It’s as bells and whistlesy as the Sorento but just…cute. It feels like a luxury car even though it’s not.

Her: ::laughs:: I think I’m gunna. My husband is sick of me talking about it.

Me: Yay! Do it.

We chit chat about school stuff, the weather, bla bla bla and part ways.

Then, I’m coming for pickup with Kai and a different mom approaches me about the Sorento!! I was like WTF I need to start carrying the spec sheet! (PS Literally it’s on my passenger seat now so I can have it at the ready for pick up and drop off.) We talked and she even came over and looked in the car! She even asked me if I got it at the West Palm Kia dealer and who I worked with. I was like Ummmm… (lmao)

So, on Friday Rohan’s school hosted a “Boohoo Breakfast” for moms to go cry and be sad about their little bitty kindergarteners starting school, together. I attend of course, and First mom from the convo above is there and waves me over to the group she’s with. “Tell em what you told me!” I was really shocked that this group of women was standing around discussing SUVs at a kindergarten meetup, but I popped in with Sorento talk and felt all ‘in the know’ HAHA!

I was ready too, because I had looked at the specs sheet when I stashed it for ‘just in case’ use. So I was able to talk like I knew a lil something! (for once in my life) But mostly I talked about the ease of it vs a sedan. And all the safety stuff I love. And how the kids are obsessed with the back, and how it’s easy to drive despite being bigger that what I’m used to, and how comfy it is and how it’s so easy to program your preferences, and how your back doesn’t hurt hauling out groceries cuz you don’t have to bend over, and how 3 bikes and 3 bags, and a cooler and umbrella fit in there for beach trips easily….you know…mom stuff.

Anyway, we exchanged Facebook info and now I know a few more people in my neighborhood, thanks to the Sorento! Yay!! And I also think I convinced one person to at least test drive a Niro (which she’ll love) and another to try the Sorento! It was on her list along with another make’s SUV anyway, but she seemed to get excited about my take on it.

It’s very random, but the Kia Sorento is my new magic friendmaker! I can get down with that.

Do you have any random items that help you make friends?


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Kirsten A Jackson

Thursday 24th of August 2017

Dani, you're the cutest! The Kia Sorento was my first car as an adult. I didn't start driving until I was 22. I know right. Don't judge me. lol! Anyway, I loved that SUV and I still have it but mom drives it to knock around town since it's over 12 years old. It still gets around good tho! I wish I lived closer to you. We'd get together all the time for all kinds of blogger trouble!

Sanaa Brooks

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

I'm crying! Lol I legit have no friends, and the people I talk to are all moms so everyone's schedules is outta wack. But this is funny! I swear it sounds like part of a movie script. The only thing that gets people to randomly talk to me I think would be my shoes or purse. (For some reason it's always from Just Fab. LOL)

Tia | Pennies In My Pocket

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

Who knew the Kia Sorrento was a mommy magnet too?! So glad it is allowing you to meet IRL friends to add to your internet friends.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.