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Getting My Sexy Back with

Hey, have you seen my sexy? I’m looking for it. I had it back in the day but… ::shrug:: Operation Momshell was a fail…but I think I’ll restart with Momshell 2.0 haha!

I’ve gone downhill yall. I go to bed with a scarf on my head lookin’ like kizzy…or worse I sleep without one, and wake up looking like buckwheat. I wear my brother’s or my husband’s old oversized old Tee shirts to sleep instead of cute pjs. It’s just rough. Yes, motherhood and business ownership and just…life. I have no excuse. ::sobs gently::

I recently found online. I hadn’t heard of them before, but once I found out about them. I was hearing about them everywhere. In a bunch of facebook groups the site was suggested, and a chick at crossfit who was visiting from out of town was randomly wearing the leggings I had just put in my cart like two days prior.

You know it’s a sign when that happens. So I happily processed what was in my cart and I’m glad I did. The items came pretty fast and now I look kinda sorta like a woman again when I go to bed.

Yandy has dancewear, sexy nightclub gear, athletic apparel, swimsuits, costumes and lingerie. Plus accessories/shoes to go with all. If you’re a club kid, you will LOVE this store. Don’t be fooled when you get there though. Random moms like me will find a lot. Here’s what I think is pretty dope and something I don’t usually see. offers sizes from XS to 3XL!! #bodypositive #inclusiveAF

I’m not going to show you pics of me in my sassy new sleepwear cuz…that’s for John… But this video shows what I got, and I have a couple pics of the workout gear and casual wear below:

(You have no idea how annoyed I was that Facebook wouldn’t let the Live option work when in landscape. Grrrr. But…I digress)

If you’re not a *cough* dedicated online shopper, like I am, don’t worry. Yandy is one of those shops with an easy return policy. The items I got were all true to size, which is the concern I usually have when making online orders. Also, the variety. If you’re looking to spice up your love life with some sexy items, or just want to look like a lady when you’re heading to bed with hubby (or alone, shoot) Yandy’s got your back.

If you join their mailing list you get a coupon code you can use on your first purchase too. And if you’re on Mr. Rebates (which you should be) you can get cash back for your purchases too!!  You’re welcome!

Let me know what you purchase!!

What do YOU sleep in?

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Wednesday 11th of April 2018

You sound like me. I really try to look cute when I go to bed, but motherhood is tough! I normally get as tired that I just crash. At the very least I match my pajamas but they aren't always the sexiest. My bonnet is going anywhere though. Almost two years later and my hair still hasn't made a come back after giving birth. My bonnet is here for good. But I'll definitely be checking out candy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.