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Why Your Teen Should Apply for the Disney Dreamers Academy #ddadisney

Thank you to Disney for hosting me to cover the 2019 Disney Dreamers Academy last week in Orlando. As you know, all words/ideas are my own.

Before I start: Applications for the 2020 class of Disney Dreamers Academy are OPEN! Visit to have your child age 13-19 apply!

The Disney Dreamers Academy is an intense four-day experience at Walt Disney World, in partnership with Steve Harvey and Essence magazine, for 100 chosen teens who apply. They are poured into by mentors, professionals and celebrities in a variety of fields and given the opportunity to test drive their desired occupation.

Here are four reasons why your teen should apply for the Disney Dreamers Academy ASAP:


The entire Disney Dreamers Academy is designed to inspire the students to dream big. The mentors, Disney team and celebrities who give their time to pour into the kids don’t just tell them to dream big. They show them how. They share their stories and how they were able to bring their dreams to fruition. The kids also get to mingle and make friends with each other. Sharing their personal stories and experiences from life in different areas of the country. When I asked the kids what inspired them most about the program it was a tie between the mentors and the other students.


After being inspired by the stories of people who have “made it” in various industries, the students are given the opportunity to learn more about the fields they are interested in. They take deep dives into fields such as tech, culinary, journalism, performing arts, stem. And, are given the opportunity to learn from real Disney Imagineers in the stem program. After their deep dives the students prepare and present projects highlighting what they’ve learned. It is a surprising amount for such a short time.


The entire Disney Dreamers Academy experience is about expansion. The students who already dreamed big enough to apply and be chosen, are encouraged to dream bigger, be better, try harder, do more, and expand their horizons. They are brought to Disney (some for their first time, ever) and thrown in the mix with 99 other students who are now their peers/brothers/homeys for life. They are given tasks and projects that stretch them. Offered on-camera opportunities, and even internships after the program ends.


The students hear from the mentors in large group settings and then are broken out into smaller groups for more intimate sessions where things get real. Separate from their parents/chaperone, hey are able to get honest questions answered about college, career and life. They are taught both concrete career skills like networking and life skills like tying a tie and dressing for success in any situation. A student who comes to the Disney Dreamers Academy open, willing and ready, can leave with everything required to perform well and #be100 in college, an internship and in their future career.

If you have a young dreamer that is currently in high school or homeschooled within the ages of 13 and 19, I suggest you look into the Disney Dreamers Academy. It is a life changing opportunity for the students (and parents, but that’s for a different post) and an experience they’ll grow from, gain from and never forget.

Applications for the 2020 class are now open. Visit to apply today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.