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New Year Manifesting Ritual for the Whole Family

new year manifesting ritual for the whole family

Manifesting was my “thing” for the longest time. I introduced my husband to The Secret back in 2007 and he liked it but he wasn’t a law of attraction or manifesting convert like I was. He does participate in my family manifesting ritual though.

For the new year, it’s a great time to gather your family together and set joint intentions for the year ahead. 2020 was a mess, but you can intentionally manifest a better 2021 with a manifesting ritual or two. Let your whole family participate to really rev the energy up.

Here are a few simple ones to get you started:

Releasing ritual AKA Burn Your “Yuckies”

For this manifesting ritual you write out everything that you didn’t like in the past year. Everything that was painful, hard or didn’t sit right with you. You can write out personality traits that you are trying to release, aspects about your family structure you want to change, or release anything you don’t want to bring into 2021. 

After you write it all out you rip it up and throw it into a fire, burning away all that yucky energy. This clears space, releasing it so now you can have space for the new happy energy of what you want to call in for the new year.

An alternative for those who cannot safely do a burning ritual is to find some rocks and throw them. For each item that you wrote down just throw a rock away with all the force you can muster. Be careful about your neighbors windows tho.

We are letting the kids write their own “yuckies” and keep it private before burning. You don’t have to share what you’re releasing unless you want to. I will also do an energy clearing right after to release collective “gunk.” (If you’d like an energy clearing for the new year, CLICK HERE)

Call in your desires

The next manifesting ritual after burning your yuckies is to write down your goals and desires for the year ahead. This includes things that you want to do, learn, be, have, and/or experience in the year ahead. Let everybody in the family make their own personal goals list and you have the option of sharing with the family or keeping it personal and private.

The point of this is to get your mind thinking about what you’d like to call in what you’d like to have happen and make manifest in the year ahead. If your children are really young they can draw pictures instead of writing out their goals or a big sibling or parent can help them write out theirs. Another option is allowing them to cut out pictures for their own mini vision board to represent visually what they desire.

Be sure to remain positive about what your children write down, should they choose to share it with you. There are no wrong or right answers here.

Make a family challenge goal

Since everyone has already set their personal goals and desires for the year ahead now this step is to make family goals of what you’d like to do, be, have and experience or learn together as a family. This can include things like institute a weekly movie night or go play laser tag once a month or learn how to cook a certain type of cuisine or learn a new language together. You can also challenge each other to learn a new skill like headstands or something silly.

My entire family is on Duolingo attempting to learn Spanish fluently. It wasn’t a goal that we specifically set last New year’s Eve, but it’s definitely a family goal that we are going to reinstate for a 2021.

This post has tips on how to set goals that you’ll achieve.

Create a family vision board

Along the same lines is creating a vision board for your family of what you desire, not necessarily in just the year ahead but ahead in life at large. Allow everyone in the family to contribute to this by cutting out pictures or drawing pictures or printing out photos from online of things that they would love to experience, own, have, do, learn or be in the year ahead.

Be sure to place the vision board somewhere that is conspicuous so everyone sees it each day and is reminded of the joint goals and the united family vision that you all share.

This post has tips on how to make your vision board actually work well for you.

Create a word for the year

Focusing down to one word for the year is hard enough for one person to do for their life, so agreeing on one for your entire family may take a little bit of work and possibly some compromise. However, thinking of an overarching word to represent the theme of your family’s year ahead is a great bonding experience and something that aids in the manifesting because it keeps everyone in that energy of creation.

Living up to that word that you’ve chosen is the next step. Keeping the family word in mind throughout the year is crucial. Maybe keep it in the same spot you keep the vision board. When in doubt you can always pick love.

This post has a few (okay 100+) ideas of words for the year.

Good luck creating your family manifesting ritual. I hope your family digs it. Let me know what you choose for your word for the year! Don’t Forget to sign up for the Money Manifesting Magic Class happening Jan 2 2021!!

Happy New Year!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.