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Mother’s Day


(Four generations of women – i soooo wish this pic wasn’t blurry)

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I spent Saturday morning at home with the kids and John, but he did all the work, and made a yummy pancake breakfast (carb day!) which was awesome.

I spent the day shopping, alone, finding my deals in blissful peace and quiet.
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Got a few things for the house, and some summer stuff for myself. I intended on finding a quiet space to get some work done, but I broke my phone and lost my mojo. So I drank my feelings in a venti vanilla frappuchino with extra whip ::avoids eye contact::

I got some lovely surprise flowers, and our lawn guy left us some brooklyn water bagels and cream cheese as the most random gift ever, straight from carb heaven. (Have I mentioned it was carb day?
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Saturday night John and I went out to dinner and for the first time in our 14 years, we. didn’t. order. dessert. ::record scratch:: I don’t know what happened there.

Went home, passed out, and woke up feeling so completely sick on Mother’s Day 🙁

John ran errands for me, and came home with mother’s day balloons (that I suspect were really for the kids…cuz…balloons?). I was supposed to join my mom, gram, aunts, cousins etc at a huge brunch at a restaurant I’ve wanted to try… but I just wasn’t up for it. 🙁 My aunt got me some cute household stuff and I got a bunch of sweet cards. Best gift ever was the laminated card that came home from school with Roey. (I’ll put a pic of it up on IG after my phone gets here tomorrow)

Later, we had a lil pool party, I manned up and took the kids over even though I felt like crapola. (If you can’t tell by my dead eyes in the pic above lol.)  I’m so glad I did! The kids had a great time. Kaya loves the water, and Roey loves attention so they both got maxed out on that. And my gram had all her children, and almost all of her grand and great grands all around her.  All my gram wanted was one nice big group photo…. But this family of mine just doesn’t know how to act. Maybe next time.


How was your mother’s day?

What did you do for your mama?

What did your family do for you?

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K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

Friday 15th of May 2015

I enjoyed Mother's Day at home with my kids. They played together nicely while I got to catch up on my book reading. My husband treated me to breakfast and lovely Mother's Day card. It was great being surrounded by my loves and just having the time to chill.


Tuesday 12th of May 2015

literally lol-ing @ balloons. I spent a super long day in church, but had a nice dinner with my parents and great-aunt. The better day was on Saturday going to a mother-daughter brunch with a live band and calypsonian singer. Even better was the fact that I was able to get the most sleep I've ever had for weeks. Lol

Highly Favored

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day. So awesome that you got to take that 4 generations picture. Kaya will treasure that in the future. Hope you are feeling better.

Have a blessed week.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.