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Ink My Whole Body

For the past…i dunno…8 years maybe…I’ve wanted a new tattoo. (I currently have one swirly ankh on my front near my hipbone).  I wanted to get something with meaning so I refrained from getting all the cute hearts and stars designs that look so adorable to me.

About 5 years ago when I read about the kaizen principles of continuous improvement and positive change etc…I knew I wanted a kaizen symbol tat…and I’ve procrastinated on getting it for 5 years.  I’ve wanted it on the right side of my right wrist and very, very small.

Fast forward to last Sunday, I show Louie my tattoo artist the image and the size I want, then I show him wrist and he’s like…umm…..i’ll try.  He makes the image tiny and thin and we try to make it work on my wrist but the spaces between the strokes of the kaizen characters just dont work.  I’d end up w/ a blurry mess after some time.

I was bummed……

But I got it on my ribs instead!!

(disregard the post-shower water droplets)

And yes, it hurt like a bitch.  After I got it done Louie pulled his shirt up and showed us all his tats, and said guess which one hurt the most.  Answer: the one on his ribs.
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  Then he goes “I couldn’t tell you that before you got it done of course.
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Great. Thanks for that.

My first tattoo didn’t hurt at all, it was just an annoying scraping feeling.  But this bad boy…whooooweeee.  Louie was really good though, he went slowly giving me lots of breaks to breathe so I wouldn’t freak out. He explained the differences in the needles, and told me step by step what he was doing and why.  It made it infinitely better….but still I’d hold my breath and lay so motionless, I was scared of a crooked mess being permanently branded on lol. It took a while for that tiny lil thing to be finished.

My cousin got her tattoo, an Arabic phrase.  Her tat artist started after me, and finished before me.

Thanks for being patient Louie!!

(If you’re in NYC and want a tat, head to Village Pop and see Louie! 212. 206. 0483)

Now I want my other side done, and the under bit of my arms….I just have to wait until I find something I love enough to want on me forever.

Oh, PS: the title of this post is from a song I love by my skinny lil boo Wiz Khalifa it’s called Ink My Whole Body (duh) and I love it:


 DO you have any tattoos? (or piercings?)  Do you want any? If so, Where?!

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Tuesday 4th of January 2022

I recently got my Kaizen tattoo done, in a nearby area too (between abdomen and oblique). I stumbled upon this post the night before the appointment (which was very reassuring, thank you) but re-reading it again now (post tattoo session), our experiences are eerily similar!

Love and light to you.

The A to Z of Dani | Ok, Dani

Thursday 3rd of November 2011

[...] T. Tattoos: Ankh near pelvis and Kaizen on ribs (see!) [...]


Thursday 22nd of September 2011

i have no tattoos ... i'm scared to do it ... yours looks really good and i like where you had it placed.


Wednesday 21st of September 2011

I got my first tattoo about 2 months ago. It says "Dei Gratia" on my rib cage. It is small, but I think I would have DIED if it were any bigger. That crap hurt so much. I have 3 other spots I want tattoos, but I don't have anything I want yet. I have wanted "Dei Gratia" for years. It means "by the Grace of God." I have overcome some really dark times and achieved some really great things...all by the Grace of God.

Elena Washington

Monday 19th of September 2011

I have my eyebrow pierced and recently took out a tongue ring (got paranoid about bacteria lol) I want a tattoo of "Breathe" on one wrist written by my mother, and "Deep" on the other wrist written by my father. The idea is to give an homage to both and my parents, while keeping myself grounded on a daily basis. Mom always reminds be to "Think first to figure out what's really bothering you" i.e "Breathe", dad always reminds me "It's not always what it seems so you should dig a little to find the answer i.e "Deep" I'm not sure when I'm going to get them, but I'm excited to do so :o)

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