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Can you keep a secret??

Seriously, can you?

I’m an excellent secret keeper….for the most part.  And a strategic secret teller, telling only certain secrets to certain people.

With innocuous “secrets” I’ll only tell John, and he halfway tunes me out when I’m telling a story anyway so he can never retell the secret.

With deep dark n dirty secrets I take those to the grave.  Partially because sometimes it’s a “damn girl, i don’t want anyone knowing that sh*t about you” situation and partially because it’s deep dark n dirty and those secrets are usually prefaced with “don’t tell anybody but…”  Then I’m trapped and can’t say anything.

If the secret is my own, like I have a surprise for someone…. I can keep it for a bit then I explode.   Poor John will never have a surprise bday party because of this.  #fail   I hope I do better when I have kids so I can surprise them with trips to Disney or something.  I surprised my lil bro with a trip once, and that’s because he was all the way in Florida and I just refused to call him all summer so I wouldn’t crack.

Anywaaaay, a story for you.

I’m on the train today…and there are two girls that look like they’re on their way to school.  I’d say they’re 15ish.  One is talking to the other in a hushed tone but very animated.  I couldn’t help but sneak peeks at them.  It reminded me of being in HS with my besties talking smack and telling each other stories about other people that we weren’t supposed to even know lol.  The other girl was listening and nodding and every now and then her eyes would get HUGE at whatever juiciness her friend was describing.

After a lil while the storyteller stopped speaking and leaned back in her chair with a face that was like “can you believe it?!”  The listener girl looked at her friend with a disturbed face and started shaking her head and says “No, you shouldn’t have told me that.  That’s a nasty secret.”

I just put my head down to hold my giggles…but for the life of me I wanted to be like “hey, tell me tell me! I wanna know…I wont tell anyone I swear!” (I’m nosy)

I love my A train in the mornings.

Have you ever been told a secret that you felt you shouldn’t have been told?  Are you a good secret keeper?  When you saw the title of this post did you think I was gunna tell you a secret? hehehe

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Tuesday 8th of November 2011

i don't like secrets. i try to not let anyone tell me. and i try not because i will spill, because i would guard a secret to the grave but because some secrets really should remain secrets. there are some things that i truly believe no one needs to know, haha. so i try to keep all my secrets and i try to let others keep their secrets. but if i am a told a secret, i keep it.


Tuesday 8th of November 2011

I so thought you were going to tell a secret! Hahaha, I guess I'm nosy too. I think I'm good with secrets, can't remember the last one though...hmm, maybe that's why I'm good with them, can't remember stuff.


Sunday 6th of November 2011

I'm excellent at keeping secrets. Usually if someone tells me something it goes in one ear and stays there lol. And if I do feel the need to tell someone its usually someone far removed from the person, meaning they don't even know eachother and will never meet lol.

Mrs. Pancakes

Saturday 5th of November 2011

I love how you always hear the best stories on the train...I don't think I keep secrets poorly..I am pretty secrets not so much...usually I end up telling someone else in the family;-) but friends and hubby I'm pretty good at secret keeping!


Friday 4th of November 2011

Hehehe, I was hoping to trick you guys! :)

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