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How to Recover from a Fitness Setback #FitnessFriday

 how to recover from a fitness setback

How to Recover from a Fitness Setback

It happens to the best of us. We’re chugging along at a decent pace, eating fairly well, working out, making the healthier choice when faced with a tempting option… and then… Boom. You have a vacation, or you party too hard, or you go to your gram’s house ::avoids eye contact::, or the holidays hit, or you have company over, or life gets super hectic and busy, or you just get plain lazy and stop…

It doesn’t matter the reason (read: excuse).

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve fallen.

The only thing that matters is getting back on track.

That’s where I am today.

I was eating pretty clean (not as clean as I’d like because it lowers my milk production) and having my date night’s with Shaun T. And then… Hello Florida! (read: hello rice with every dinner, hello mountains of food prepared for me, hello sweet juice, goodbye Shaun, goodbye sneakers & shakeology…ok…you get the point) So here I am after gaining 8lbs in just 2 weeks ::sobs:: I was no where near my goal before my setback, so seeing the weight gain, feeling the difference in my body, energy etc… It’s really frustrating. But… no time for that.

Here are 4 easy steps to get back on track after a set back:

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Pretty simple, right?! It’s no use berating yourself for not doing what will get you closer to your fitness goals. This does nothing for your motivation or state of mind. Instead, compliment yourself for not backsliding further. Congratulate yourself for deciding to take the reigns again and go in the right direction. The past cant be edited so focus on right now.

This has been a year full of fitness setbacks for me, if I were to dwell on that, I would just demotivate myself further. I choose to focus on the fact that I’m getting back up after I fall.

2. Take a Baby Step

Get up and drink a glass of water. Stand up and touch your toes and do a stretch. Walk around the block. Do 10 crunches. Do Something…ANYTHING… right that instant. This resets you, and gets you feeling good about yourself instantly. Your mind goes back into “I got this” mode, and you’re ready to move forward with larger healthy habit steps.

My personal baby step is bustin’ out 20 squats and drinking a large glass of water.

3. Make Your Plan

Are you going to continue the nutrition plan and exercise regimen you were doing before your setback or will you try a new course of action? Whatever it is, make your plan in writing. Then write it again (or post it digitally somehow) and keep it visible so you subtly recommit mentally each time you see it.

I was doing T25 and mixing in some 21 Day Fix workouts, but I wasn’t sticking to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan. So I’m going to return to my modified clean diet and T25 Beta.

4. Start Immediately

There is no reason to wait for the first of the year, first of the month, Monday, or tomorrow. Whatever plan you’ve made to recover from your fitness set back… whether you’re starting with a refresh or a cleanse…or just taking another baby step and working your way back in slowly. Do. It. NOW.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been off course. Whether a few days, weeks, months…hell…even years. What matters is that you refocus, and get back on track asap.

You can do this.


As for me. I am feeling so sluggish and heavy, I’m going to do a personal refresh or what I call my “wellness weekend.” I’ll tell you all about it, but short story is that it’s a weekend of light working out, heavy water drinking, light eating (shakeology, fruits and veggies only), and lots of spiritual and personal development. It gives me a positive jump start, and gets me back on course toward reaching my fitness goals.

How do you get back on track after a setback?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!




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Sunday 3rd of May 2015

This is great because we all have setbacks. Just gotta get back on track as soon as possible!


Tuesday 4th of November 2014

I've had a set back ALL summer! So this evening, I'm going to lace up my sneakers and head to spin class. Starting over yet again, but that's ok.

Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow)

Monday 3rd of November 2014

I've been in a setback all of 2014. I've maybe had a good walk once or twice. I found someone quick workouts on Pinterest that I've been meaning to try.


Sunday 2nd of November 2014

yes, I had a set back...that was about 2 weeks long. Sigh. So, my thing is, just start again. I mean, what else is there to do? Bask in the fatness? Umm no. So, I just make the next meal healthy, set my alarm to work out in the morning and keep it moving.

Darrica Jackson

Friday 31st of October 2014

UGH! You know I needed this. A week in Florida done messed me up lol. I've already got it made up in my mind that as SOON as my feet touch the snowy Chicago ground *stale face* I'm getting myself back on track.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.