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My Birthday Gift to Me: HealthPlan USA

“I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

(does this kid kinda look like Kevin Hart to you or nah?

Listen. I’m a blogger and a social media influencer. You know this. Bloggers get flack all the time for being “inauthentic” regarding the things they promote in exchange for money. I have a wide group of blogging friends who run on either side of the authenticity spectrum.

It makes me feel good knowing that you lovely ladies (and that one random guy) who reads knows that I’m candid and real here (as proven by your continued responses on my reader survey).

Now, here’s some honesty. I was gifted a couple months of HealthPlan USA in order to facilitate a review. 

More honesty…. I’m keeping this daggone plan and paying for it outta pocket cuz it pays for itself and then some!

Being a mama with an immune system that is straight up betraying me, and two kids in germy ass schools, a husband that brings bugs home from the office… I needs this in my life.

You can read about the program and why we added it as an addition to our health insurance here. I was honestly planning on just canceling the service when I was contractually allowed to. #realatalk. But having saved some cash already, and knowing how much medical treatment I’ll need going forward… I’m happily keeping it.

John says the telehealth service is better than the one with my insurance. I say….I just like saving money. And I’m about to try out a new dentist for myself and a new one for the kids too so I’d like to see how much more we’d be able to save there.

So, it’s not sexy, but my birthday gift to myself this year is self care by way of HealthPlan USA! If that aint adulting…I don’t know what is!! Ha!! 

I’m considering it my self care activity for the month. It is actually the epitome of self care because it covers all the bases. Mental, emotional and financial health for not stressing about medical expenses and physical health for myself AND my family.

Legit I’m grateful this exists. HealthPlan USA bests the competitors in its industry. Lookit: 

That said….it’s kind of a no-brainer. Check it out and see if it’d be a good option for your family as well. You can benefit from it whether or not you have insurance already.

I like the origin story of the brand as well: 

When Asafu Thomas, founder of HealthPlan USA lost his job toward the end of the great recession in 2011, he became one of the millions of Americans without health insurance.  This experience sparked his interest in the healthcare industry.
Pairing his market research experience with his genuine passion for building businesses to solve socio-economic issues, the HealthPlan USA mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare for underserved populations.
Those were not my words #obvi.  But I love when someone sees a need, fills it, and keeps it movin. Especially when the need helps those who need it the most.
Oh, these aren’t my words either, but good to know:
During the Congressional Black Caucus 48th Annual Legislative Conference, HealthPlan USA will officially launch at the premier kick-off event by co-sponsoring the annual, invitation-only Girl’s Night Out Reception. In addition, HealthPlan USA will also participate in several other events, as well as be featured in various media, during launch week to create awareness about its new service.
To learn more about HealthPlan USA, visit
Check it out!

What was your most recent Self Care / Adulting activity?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.