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reader survey 2016

If you missed yesterday’s email… I sent out the OKDani.com Reader Survey and I would LOVE and APPRECIATE it if you’d fill it out when you have a sec. It’ll only take a minute.

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We talk about so many topics here and I want to be sure I’m bringing you the content you want to see most…..and avoiding what you don’t want to talk about…(for the most part…I mean…if you want me to start talking politics or fashion¬†all day, I’m gunna have to say nah.)¬†

Also, I’m itching to put together a program of some sort for you girls so let me know what you’d care to get from me.

It’s hard sometimes when you run a “lifestyle” blog…because it’s such a big umbrella and our lives are so varied… so please let me hear your thoughts via the survey.

WARNING: If you guys don’t answer it, I’m just gunna flood this blog with impeccably staged pics of Ro and Kai and tell you what perfect, tantrum-free unicorns they are until you’re absolutely sick of my lying ass and block me on all social media.

We don’t want that.


Thanks in advance!!



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