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How to Cure IBS Symptoms with Moringa!

This post has been updated since I originally share how to cure IBS symptoms with moringa back in 2015. I have since been using a variety of moringa products to heal my gut and keep things…ahem….flowing smoothly. Check it out:

how to cure ibs symptoms with moringa plant

how to cure ibs symptoms with moringa

(this post was updated 9/19/18 at the bottom, with the current products I use and updated results)


Giiiiiirls…I gotta testify.


Before I do, let me warn you…this post is partially about poop…well, a lot about poop. Or the lack thereof.


You’ve been warned….

So…I have had a problem for…oh…let’s say….31 years or so.

It’s called constipation. I just didn’t poo. 

I tried every day…but I just couldn’t do the do….if you will.

Whenever this would come up in conversations with family/friends, they’d always have suggestions of what would “definitely” work:

  • prunes
  • hot water w/ lemon
  • metamucil
  • fiber bars
  • fiber cereal
  • green veggies
  • raisins
  • detoxes
  • colon cleansers
  • water on the hour
  • colonics (i do love them tho…)

I tried ALL of it, and then some more. Nothing worked. I went vegetarian for a year or so, thinking it would help, it only made me poo every few days versus every week. I would do a medley of poop bringing techniques and would even (don’t laugh) meditate about my chakra that controls my gastrointestinal system, to open it up, heal and clear it so waste will flow smoothly. All to no avail.

I just couldn’t shit. Period.

I figured I was just doomed to poop weekly (if I was lucky), and with lots of…um…effort…required (read: grunting). And pain and strife. And sometimes…ok most of the time… ::sniff:: tears.

Enter the miracle via my crazy “cousin” Nat.

Doesn’t he look like the “crazy cousin”

He came to Rohan’s sip and see back in August (2012) all hopped up with excitement, carrying a bag of bush and ranting and raving about how magical it was.

He said “You’ll never go to the doctor again!” “It will cure any ailment!” Now, every time I see Nat he’s got some new magical powder, or tea, or something…so I was not impressed with this bush he was going on about.

Then I googled it.

Moringa Oliefera.

Turns out…this stuff is legit.

Dr. Oz spoke about it a bit:

And the moringa plant is used all over the world (not in the US as much of course, thanks to Big Pharma) to prevent disease and heal disease. Not just increase energy like Dr. Oz mentioned. 

It is starting to get more and more popular now, though. This is a good thing.

My family in Florida, we all got suckered into crazy Nat’s salespitch. He gave everybody plants.  And then my aunts went to the nursery and bought more…just in case. 

So, Gram started making tea w/ the fresh leaves of the plant. I drank it each morning and afternoon for about a week+.

My vain hope was that it would help clear up the skin on my face which was looking raggedy. Maybe give me more energy if I was lucky, because breastfeeding really drains me.

Instead of clear skin and energy…..I got:

Thrush in my mouth.


FYI That’s called:





::insert Barf Emoji here::

Remember when I told you about formula feeding baby boy while I was on meds? Well, that’s why.

How gross is that?!

Thanks a lot Moringa!  You filthy witch, you.

So, I took my meds for the thrush, figured that moringa was the devil, and kept it moving.

Until I realized…I’d been moving!

I’d been pooping daily ever since day 4 of drinking the tea!!

I can poop!!!

Hold Up. Waaaaaiiit.

So of course I went through the disbelief that something could actually make poop come out of me. I tried to think if anything else was different about what I was doing, eating, drinking etc… Nope.

Just Moringa.

I don’t know if I had some weird overgrowth of yeast that needed to come out? I don’t know if I had something binding that just had to be released and came out in the form of yeast? I don’t know if the moringa just eradicated a bacteria that was clogging me, and also eradicated the good bacteria too.  I just don’t know.

All I know is I’ve been pooping daily ever since, and I. FEEL. GREEEEAAAATTT!!! 

(i hope you read the “i feel great” the way oprah would say it.)

If you dont know the vice grip of death, that is constipation, then you won’t get the true meaning of the freedom and joy moringa has brought into my life. I’m a daily pooper yall!!


There are other gastrointestinal moringa benefits for me. I am less gassy after eating certain foods (read: dairy) and I have had no tummy aches since. I am going to re-up on fresh moringa leaves when I go back down to Florida, but until then I’m going with this brand: Moringa Source


Re-energize your life - As seen on Dr. Oz
Moringa Source

(FYI: this is an affiliate link, if you buy from them, I get a few pennies thrown my way! So if you go…please buy $48,000,000 worth of moringa stuff :))

You can find Moringa Products on Amazon too, if you prefer shopping there.

There are more than just teas and pills, there are hair and beauty products that incorporate moringa as well. I think I’m going to try some out. I bet one day I’ll wake up looking better than Halle after using moringa!

OK, well…maybe it’ll clear up my face like it cleared out my poop chute. (was that gross?) 


Yes, I am still using moringa, very often. I took a break for a while when I was drinking my shakeology daily, because it kept me moving easily as well. (PS: I think it had moringa in it, but I forget) After I stopped drinking the shakeo, after a while….things slowed down again. That’s when I started experimenting.

As of September 2018…. still. loving. moringa. I have since tried many brands and have tried moringa in various forms: capsules (these are my fave capsules), teas, powders, and home made tea/juices made from the raw plant outside. 

Raw plant: 

I have yet to figure out the exact recipe to give me great gastrointestinal benefits, without a tummy ache. I will either make the tea/juice too strong, boil the leaves down too much, or weak/not enough. It’s never right. I WANTED to make it work this way because it would be 100% organic, home made, from MY yard…. But alas. 


I love the powders because I can throw it in ANYTHING. Not just my morning smoothies. I’m talking pasta sauce, muffin mix, etc.

The brands I’ve used for powder are always the certified organic/ no gmo brands, since I feel like they’ll be the closest to the original “bush” action that initially got things….moving.

The two I keep re-purchasing are: 


I have tried a couple, (this one is my fave – it’s a tablet) but I won’t go back to them ONLY because I’d rather use the powder. They work perfectly fine. I prefer the tablet to capsules tho. The capsules are just powder in plastic. I could buy my own empty capsules in bulk and fill it with my fave powder if need be.


This is my favorite tea and when you try it, it’ll be your favorite moringa tea too. I love 

I’ve tried 5011 others, but I just can’t remember off hand right now.

Hair and beauty: 

I dunno if it’s only the moringa that made these products work so well for me, but here are the ones I’ve tried: 

I usually buy them from VitaSprings (the unsung hero of my life!) or Amazon (everyone’s bae).

Have you tried moringa yet?!

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Friday 6th of August 2021

Hello Dani, I have been searching for a way to turn my NAFLD around & help my IBS & iron overload. Yeah,I'm messed up since my gallbladder was remover in 2006. I have no problem 'pooping', it's the ability to stop from pooping after I eat anything. I take meds for that but one gets tired of popping pills day in & day out. And if I miss one pill then its BAM! The bathroom is my new best friend. LOL I have questioned my doctors about certain supplements to take due to the fact I hate taking pills (7 to 8 x 2 a day) all day. They tell me no , is it because they want to make money off people. This makes me wonder.

Happy Pooping or Non pooping. LoL


Monday 14th of December 2020

Hi Dani, glad it moved you ;) I was visiting a friend of mine & she had been making moringa smoothies, she said it tatsed yuck, but was drinking them anyway. She told me she was growing a Moringa tree & I asked her if she'd picked a leaf & tried it. She said no she had not, so I went outside, picked a leaf & ate it, tasted 100% better than powder lol I'm now growing a tree, still small atm & my hubby bought me the powder, I have my daily juice(the healthy ones with spinach, kale etc) & I put a 1/4 tspn of Moringa powder in & it tastes way better for me. My blood sugar levels have lowered, bonus for me as I'm diabetic, but you do realise you're only suppose to take it for around 90days then have a break for at least a few days to a week? I've always been regular ;) but found it clears me out even more lol. I swear by Moring & I also have turmeric in my cooking & smothies/juices, as I've suffered most of my life with back pain, since being on the turmeric (& probably the moringa is now helping) my back pain is way less, when ppl start taking turmeric they need to give it up to 3 months to see the benefits, I suggested turmeric to my neighbour who was having knee pain, he took it for a week & told his wife it was doing nothing lol...I told him he has to keep taking it, the time for it to work depends on the individual lol after 3 weeks, he said he's never going to stop taking it, he was so impressed! I'm a true believer in 'natural' the pharmo companies have so much to answer for their greed for profit ;) :(


Saturday 18th of July 2020

Thank you for sharing your journey. This type of honesty I feel goes a long way to helping others work through their personal challenges when it comes to digestive health.

The time you have taken to put a touch of personality in this is really nice as a writing style, and I felt like you were just having a coffee chat in a comfortable and non judgmental setting. I also really enjoyed the community banter here - a great energy!

How have things been going for you with Moringa in the last two years and your IBS (given the update was in 2018)? Have you had any success with the raw plant?


Saturday 26th of October 2019

Did the moringa change the color of your stools? Ive on moringa for about 3 months and it has helped. i just started using the leaves and seeds and boy I really go now, I noticed some itching in the back of my throat is that what you experienced?

Carol Johnson

Friday 16th of August 2019

I browsed the Net to see if it as the Moringa I started a week ago, was the cause of my pooping my brains out. I mean my colon is really getting a cleaning. I look forward to continuing taking it and trying the other Moringa products. I started taking Moringa for its thyroid benefits, so I could stop the Lenothyroxine pill every morning. Killing two birds with one stone? I'm slaying their asses by the dozens up in here!

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