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A Case for TV and Planned Laziness (with XFINITY X1 Voice Remote)

tv and laziness

I work a lot.

I feel like I’m always busy with something.

Don’t you?

I wake up early, work at my biz and blog. I go to my day job and work there. Come home and work around the house, work out, then work on my biz some more. All while working to keep the kids and John happy, healthy, and keep them from going too bazzurk.

There’s always work to be done.

So I look forward to days when I can be a complete lazy bum.

They’re rare. And they’re pre-planned… but #plannedlaziness is one of the best things ever.

My most recent day of planned laziness was the 4th of July. Everyone kept asking me what I was doing, then looked at me crazy when I told them the truth.

“Watching as much TV as possible, drinking lots of wine, and not being a mother.”

My aunts took the kids all weekend. I barely left my bed except for food, wine and bathroom runs.

Honestly, days (or weekend binges) like this are totally needed. I wanted to be as chill as possible and just enjoy myself GUILT FREE. It’s all about ease.

That’s a biggie. No mommy guilt. No “shouldding” myself to death. Just taking it easy.

Were there tons of productive stuff I could’ve been doing? Absolutely. But did I stress out about any of them? Nope!

And here’s why.

I know I deserve it!

I love TV. I mean, I LOVE TV. Good shows, bad shows. I love the behind the scenes, I love dissecting acting, I love dissecting the editing, the directing, the choices the actors make… good and bad writing… I love it all. From a viewer standpoint, and an actress standpoint.

I also love my business, earning money, keeping my house together, raising happy, awesome kids, spending time with my husband, taking care of my health and building a business that I know will thrive even more in the near future. So, I “sacrifice” by spending my time doing those things, versus watching shows on a daily basis.

My TV is on on a daily basis though. I put on Sprout and PBS Kids for Rohan and Kaya to watch for a little bit. If I am cooking something big, or have a client or a conference call in the evening (The children’s prime screaming, crying, hyper disobedient time) I am quick to turn it on to keep them engaged for 5 minutes (They don’t last long…)


Screw baseball, I’m convinced TV is the national pastime. Everyone seems so up to date on at least one current show. (Game of Thrones, anyone?) I’m all for it. I make the case for planned relaxation, and TV-watching binges for people who work hard all week!

It’s important to step away from work and enjoy something “mindless” and easy for many reasons:

  • You need to decompress
  • Stepping away from work helps you take a different view of what you’re working on
  • You can be more creative when you return to your projects
  • It lowers your stress level
  • You will avoid burn out

I make the case for “lazy days” often! The key is to do as little as possible. It’s all about ease!

On-Demand and DVR helps facilitate my lazy days, and now there’s a new remote making planned TV binge days even easier.

The X1 voice remote from XFINITY let’s you just talk into it and boom! Your show pops up on your TV. You can ask questions like “What’s on tonight at 8?” Or ask for a specific show. If you’ve ever had the frustration of scrolling through the on-demand feature on your screen you know how awesome it would be to just “Say it and see it” versus scrolling, or worse… having to type out the show you’re looking for with your remote. #JohnsPetPeeve.

Even when not doing my planned TV time, the X1 voice remote would come in really handy. If I’m cooking and my hands are covered in food, and the kids start to go bonkers…I can just call out for Super Why to save the day for real!

So, What’s Your show? Your Kids’ show?

What is your preferred planned lazy day activity?

You can find XFINITY on social media!

This post brought to you by XFINITY

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Tuesday 21st of July 2015

this horrible moment when your favorite blog becomes one big sponsored ad. I respect the hustle and really miss you. Change is life though and we all have bills! I get it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.