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Black Friday Sales 2021

OMG I’m really excited for Black Friday this year. I started shopping on Monday and I’m not stopping until next Monday. What are YOU shopping for this year?

I created a bundle that you are going to LOVE. If you are ready to transform your life through manifesting exactly what you desire….looka this, sis!

This Bundle includes:

  • Money Manifesting Magic ($444.44) – The abundance manifesting course that has proven money creating results
  • Ask Believe Receive ($222.22) – The manifesting “how-to” course that shifts your beliefs to manifest with ease
  • Attractionista 101 ($77.77) – The basics of manifesting with lots of tips on how to raise your vibration to call in more
  • Lifestyle Redesign Workbook ($33.33) – The year-long companion that changes your life through clarity and goals

All 4 items are in the bundle. Total Value is $777.76

Thru 11/29 the price for all of it is just $444!

Yes! You’re literally buying MMM and getting two programs and a planner for FREE!

If you are looking to purchase individual items, you can use code BlackFriday2021 to save 25% on everything below:

Money Manifesting Magic Course for financial abundance an wealth consciousness.

Ask Believe Receive My proven system on how to manifest any of your desires faster and easier.

Lifestyle Redesign Workbook for goal setting and manifesting

Manifesting/Law of Attraction Webinar on raising vibrations

If you are looking to work with me one on one, I have the following options for Black Friday:

No coupon code necessary. Just click the image to learn more

Single, one-time sessions are on sale $100 off!

30 Minute readings are just $100 and you get 10 extra minutes!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.