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Mind Right Monday and More

Happy Monday my Dear Bloggie Friends!

I hope you had fabulous, relaxing, recharging weekends and are ready to tackle your week.

My weekend was mostly vegetative.  I caught up with a bunch of my silly shows I love online (this no cable thing is really working out well) and am just happy fall TV is here.  I’ve been reading The Girl Who Played with Fire   and it’s just so awesome I don’t want to put it down…but I did….to go watch my shows….::hanging head in shame:: lol!  I also half-assed tidied up and half-assed worked out.


I had a few wedding related mishaps: 

  • makeup artist/hair stylist chick bailed on me
  • tailor who told me to bring her buttons so she could bustle my dress is now unable to do it 
  • shoes I ordered were totally different color than listed online
  • no directions were sent to me from the ceremony vendor

But it’s all good because: 

  • I was able to secure another makeup/hair stylist last night
  • I’ll just hold the dress up when I need to, cuz really, i’m over it.
  • I’ll either wear em, or find something in a store this week.
  • mapquest and google maps exist, I’ll get directions sent to everyone this week

Other than that, we decided on our restaurant, Mix @ Mandalay Bay.  It’s got a gorgeous view and a killer menu. We (meaning I) confirmed with the photographer, venue company, day after photographer, and am securing a romantical couples massage for the day after our wedding as a lil surprise for Johnnyboy.


OK so on to my goals, but first last week’s: 

*Finish Application to the one school I’m applying to for January Did it. PASS

*Workout I worked out twice, better than nothing! PASS

*Clear out the apartment even more – Tossed out another bag of “stuff” PASS

*Make list of wedding to-do’s and get ’em done – started on vows, and got a lot secured PASS

*Get eyes checked and new contacts totally did it, but when I was clearing junk out, I found a few more pairs I still had lol. ah well. PASS

*Apply to jobs like a madwoman – I did, Oh and I had a second interview last week, but the company went a different way (boo) but I have another interview elsewhere tomorrow (yay). PASS
Goals for the week:

  • Try not to stress out 
  • Have a wonderful wedding day
  • Get beautified
  • Kickass on my interview
  • Apply to jobs

(yeah, i’m keepin it simple this week)

I am grateful for: 

  • John being my partner in life
  • My parents and the rest of my incredible family
  • Being 5 days away from my wedding
  • NYC at large
  • Recruiters
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • The ability to create the life of my dreams
  • New friends (shout out to Riecha) and old friends (hi Judy)
  • Peanut butter cookies and tea with milk and sugar

How was your weekend?  What is your number one goal for the week? What are you grateful for?  Happy Monday!

Oh, PS: Follow me on twitter – @okdani . I finally “get” twitter and am chatting a lil more often 🙂 i want more friends there.

xo – Dani

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Dani @ OK, Dani

Wednesday 6th of October 2010

Whoa, thanks gurls for all the well wishin!!

Reich - it happened when it's suppsoed to :)Brit - thanks so much!j and a - thanks for stoppin in!Chutney - welcome back :)Krysten - if i don't roll with it i will lose my mindKari - thanks! ps it went well!Lexi - thank you, i'm gunna let it! Jenny - thanks and thanks for stoppin inLaura - thanks i'm excited too lolCali - half up...i dunno...i gotta decide quick!


Wednesday 6th of October 2010

what is your wedding hair going to look like?

Laura Si

Wednesday 6th of October 2010

So exciting!! Its be so fun to watch you go from dating to engaged to married! So excited for you! <3

love jenny xoxo

Tuesday 5th of October 2010

way to be flexible instead of stressing out! So your weekend is this week!?! How exciting! I hope everything goes great and congrats in advance!



Tuesday 5th of October 2010

I hope you have a fantastic wedding week. Everything will be perfect if you let it!!! :)

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