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4 Fun Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Family’s Busy Schedule #ShoeCarnival #ad

My life has gotten so busy and time-crunched. I love that I have more clients, meaning more contribution and more income (yay!) but my time is not my own anymore. I want to prioritize wellness in all I do, but it has been taking the back burner lately. I’m trying to be more intentional about squeezing more activity into my family’s day-to-day life, without being a drill seargent mom.
Here are 4 fun ways I’m adding activity into our lives. Maybe one (or all) will work for you and yours!

5a.m. workouts.

This isn’t my fave, I’ll admit. Waking up early isn’t fun. So, I lied. And honestly, it’s not for the kids or John, it’s just for me.
I started with p.m. workouts but it put a wrench in our evening routine. Now I’m waking up early once again and getting my workout on. I mix it up so I’m not bored. Some days I’ll do an ashtanga yoga workout on youtube, other days I’ll use our weightlifting set, and others I’ll do pilates or take a run outside. The good thing is that by the time the family is awake, my workout for the day is complete! That’s fun, right?  ::crickets::

Dance Parties

This is my favorite way we slide fitness into our family’s schedule. I get to jump around with the kids. Floss and whine, show the kids old school dances like the cabbage patch, show them the running man (the old one) and watch them make up dances too. We laugh, we sweat, we have tons of fun and I get to introduce the kids to more reggae and soca music too! (until they start to discern the bad language that is…)

Fights *wink*

Pillow fights (with a no hitting above the hsoulder rule) or “kung fu” with daddy, or wrestling the monster (again, daddy.) it all counts. We have fun fights to get some energy out and get our bodies moving. I tend to lay low in the fights, just instigating from the sidelines, but I’m all in when it’s time to chase down whoever the bad guy is at the time.

Family Walks/Rides

We used to do these more diligently but have fallen off with our new busier schedules.
One of my tricks as a mom, calling something “special” makes the mundane, magical. The kids are excited about their special walking sneakers.
I took Kaya to Shoe Carnival’s grand opening in Miami Gardens and we had a ball. There were flash sales, crazy good discounts, music bumping, people all around smiling and shopping, and lots of cash prize giveaways!!
We went to get walking shoes for her, Rohan and myself. We are starting a family walk in the evening (before John gets home, sadly) and I wanted to get a “special” pair of shoes just for that. Shoe Carnival has more than just sneakers though, so go check them out when you’re doing your Christmas shopping! (You can find your local Shoe Carnival HERE) There were a couple of knee-high boots I had my eye on, but I was good and just bought what I went in for!
We ended up with these three:

How are YOU adding activity into your family’s life?

This post was created in partnership with Shoe Carnival. All words/images/thoughts/tomfoolery are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.